Heroes of 2014: Vera Scroggins (Anti-Fracking)

Vera Scroggins. This American grandmother and anti-fracking activist is now banned from going to the shops and hospitals near her home in Pennsylvania. To raise awareness about the environmental.


  1. To all you retards who keep saying Russia is jealous, United States
    becoming the top oil producing country in the world, etc… You are idiots.
    Are the American People reaping the benefits from this oil you
    brainchildren? No we are not. The oil companies and the government are. Its
    not like America is like Libya before the US went and destroyed their
    lives, the Libyan people were benefiting from the oil from their own land.
    I swear many Americans are stupid to the point of no return. Keep thinking
    we are a great country when we are not.

  2. Fracking is a revolutionary method that has helped the United States become
    the top oil producing country in the world. Your propaganda won’t stop the
    United States from economic prosperity.

  3. The only reason rt is so against US fracking is because Russian knows the
    US has surpassed it and is on track to be the 1# oil producer. And Russia
    is just jealous.

  4. RT hass shown their TRUE Colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They WILL NOT report
    about the mass protest going on against Putin!!!!!!!!!………..PROPAGANDA

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  6. I applaud You VERA …A True Women in the Fight of her Life without a doubt
    against the Most Corrupt Piece of SHIT Douche Bag Operators on this Planet
    next to the NRC..Anyone who thinks this sort of Oil Extraction is
    meaningful, Off Yourself and do the World a Favor…And for all you temp
    drillers your bus Ticket awaits you out of the City your doing business in
    cause Your Ass is about to become UNEMPLOYED PERMANENTLY!!!…Good that one
    corrupt group like the SUDI’S working hand and hand with the Corrupt
    Politicians at the Black House and the final result is to keep on Pumping
    that Black Shit over where you are and by the end of this year…I know for
    a FACT the DERIVATIVE Market on this bunch of Lunatics is now at $$$ 2.3

  7. Fracking has always been a dubious proposition at best. Besides the
    obvious pollution issues, it was a break-even proposition at best with oil
    at or above 100$. The industry’s development was highly facilitated with
    cheap loans. Now that the price of oil as dropped, some companies are
    already in trouble. As soon as the interest rates rise, most of them will
    go bankrupt.

  8. The US is very poor country full of lying western propaganda where many
    ordinary people are poor and uneducated ,but this is all fault of their
    very corrupt government from Washington (or I should say the regime in
    Washington) ,the regime in Washington is governed by the Zionists ,so it is
    natural for them to serve only their own true country the Israel, and their
    own Jewish people from Israel! the Americans should put aside their own
    prejudices towards these countries which they can not control ,such as
    Russia ,China ,Iran ,India and many others that does not want to be the
    Israel’s minions as the US or EU is! we all should be allies that fighting
    with poverty and we should trying to developing together,but the US and
    Israel has right now ruined every good plan on ending many conflicts as the
    Israel-Palestine conflict where the Israel use their pawns from
    US,Australia in order to occupied the Palestinian lands and keep killing
    the Palestinians! I wish the US will at last in the 2015 will be smart
    enough and do not meddling in the affairs of other countries also I wish
    the US regime will start to listening its own people that does not want to
    be governed by the Jews and corrupt elites that ruined the relations with
    Russia and many other countries just because the Jews and their puppets in
    Washington has business in destabilizing situation in Syria,Ukraine, China
    (Hong Kong) and in many other places that are destabilizing by the
    CIA&Mossad! the Americans should be more friendly to others before it will
    be too late for them to change their criminal actions!

  9. Russia is just jealous that US innovation has catapulted it into the #1 oil
    and gas producer on the planet, and the geopolitical landscape is shifting
    now that the US is nearing energy independence. Russia has plenty of shale
    resources, and will also be using these techniques for a long time to come,
    they *really* don’t care about the US environment (or their own). Russia is
    not a diversified economy, their reliance on oil and gas exports is
    diminishing their already weak influence on the world.

  10. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and more than 100 other
    demonstrators have been arrested at a rally in central Moscow today. Why is
    RT not reporting on this ,why are all Putin opposition leaders and
    political activist arrested all the time,is Russia Bahrain or north
    Korea,there is a heavy opposition protest going on outside Moscow but RT
    has vowed not to show that to its viewers,what a shameful propaganda news. 

  11. Fracking has allowed America to be the number 1 producer of oil. Cheaper
    gas at the pump for the largest consumer economy in the world. It has
    benefited the States that Fracking happens in. The money made in Fracking
    finances modernization, schools, and state services, Supporting the jobs of
    millions in the economy. Finding ecological solutions is the answer. Not
    outlawing Fracking. Question is, how profitable is fracking with lower fuel
    prices as it is a more expensive process than conventional gas and oil

    Fracking competition is bad for russias huge oil producers, and hopefully
    Russia can find a way to compete, because There is a lot of investment
    opportunity in Russia. Perhaps OPEC is finding that solution.

  12. All RT wants to do is “poison the well” on the fracking industry because
    America became a #1 oil and gas producer. Russia’s oil industry is
    getting hurt by our greatness. Don’t buy into this obvious propaganda! 

  13. Green eco socialists fight with every form of cheap energy: coal, fracking,
    nuclear. They are hurting the western economy more than war, famine and
    muslims combined. 

  14. Good for Vera! More people need to get involved in groups to make sure
    that YOUR air, land and water is not being polluted by Fracking, Nuclear
    radiation, and mico-particle pollution from incinerators.

  15. fake jew bitch protecting her arab masters in the middle east, deport the
    fake jew bitch if she loves camels so much.

    uranus bless america.

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