Heads up: Viking boat near the Mississippi – fake story

Quite a few people have linked and shared this story, apparently without realizing that it’s satire, completely made up. So this is just to clear things in case you were misled. .


  1. Some scientists think that the vikings did discover the Americas first. I
    would not doubt that because they were really good at making ships and
    sailing them. 

  2. On a only slightly related note, Orcas are fucking badass. One of the few
    animals in the ocean who pose a threat to white sharks. They kille one and
    most likely all the white sharks in the area will flee (smelling the scent
    of their own dead).

  3. whats the point of making all this tuff up if the site says its fake, I
    sont see why people would waste their time like that.

  4. Well, Vikings lived on Greenland for 400 years, but they were never close
    to Mississipi,. 🙂 Thank you for info about this fake thing. :)

  5. Wow, thats a huge disappointment. I read that article and I suppose I
    wanted to believe it. Thanks for the heads up. 

  6. My only argument with that psycho is if there were Vikings in America they
    would have colonized in America and they would have stayed in America they
    wouldn’t have gone anywhere they would have liked America for the
    agriculture the food the choices and weather buts there’s no evidence of

  7. Skallagrim vikings HAVE gone to America.I have an historical book that
    tells the history of the life of vikings that existed and in a history of a
    viking called Erik the Red it tells how was when the vikings discovered
    America, they even tried to colonize it but the indians screwed them really
    bad so they given up on this.If my english is bad its because im brazilian

  8. 1:41 chimps master fire article. I honestly would fall for this stuff. It
    seems very possible, and I’m a little upset at this site. I realize that
    it’s a “satire” site but I don’t see the humor. If the article read: “Cats
    Master Fire” or ” Vikings; First to the Moon” then I’d get the humor.

  9. I highly dislike websites like these. I really don’t find them the least
    bit funny, and some articles like these are attempting to sound real, which
    as you said, is misinformation.

  10. Typically satire uses humor or sarcasm to make its point. I don’t see the
    idea of satire if it merely makes false well written plausible articles.

    Granted, the rampaging squirrel is funny, just because of how ludicrously
    unrealistic it is.

    But cannabis found in tombs? Viking ships in America? Neither of these
    really fit the idea of satire. It’s realistic. 

  11. It’s down right impossible. Columbus took months of starvation and a whole
    crap load of problems reaching America with a Galleon—A proper ship with
    a real crew and with good provisions.. A Viking long boat only meat for
    short distance travel. That’s why they only raided European villages and
    monasteries…A raiding party is meant to be done quickly and efficiently.
    Get in, get out as the army says. Not really in tune with cross continental

  12. The article itself is not composed and written like a satiracle piece. It’s
    blatantly presented as fact (withouth the citations, mind you). This,
    ladies and gentlemen, is what we call “lying”. Many articles they write
    are, from the get-go, upfront about their rediculousness. I’m not sure what
    they try to accomplish by writing articles this way, though. Purposeful
    deception is not funny :(

  13. +Skallagrim How different do you think the world would be if Vikings took
    over the world and still ruled it today?

  14. For some reason, I expect that my country’s media will publish this as
    fact. Research is not their strong suit.

  15. I would find this very hard to believe. It either implies that my ancestors
    got stranded in America and/or that many Americans have viking ancestors

  16. There is Helluland, Makland, and Vinland. There are Norse artifacts and
    some ruins in Canada and America, it’s a fact that Leif Erikson sailed to
    North America before Columbus. Although that ship discovery is fake. :3

  17. “Orca” is not really a much better term. The “problem” is the scientific
    name already is “sensationalistic”. That animals scientific name is
    “Orcinus Orca”. Lets have a look at that: “Orcinus” means: “from the realm
    of death” or could even possibly translated to “Bringer of death”. “Orca”
    does mean “Whale”, but was frequently used as a synomym for “Seamonster”.
    So, “Killerwhale” is just a possible translation of “Orcinus Orca” and we
    could be glad that its not translated into “Deathbringing Seamonster” :-D

  18. Yeah, that same site got me recently with “Miner found alive after 7 years
    underground” Or something like that. I really dislike that form of satire.
    Satire should be amusing, not all together misleading.

  19. I’d like to point out to everyone the difference between Satire and this.

    This is a headline from The Onion: “Geneticists Debate Ethics Of Cloning
    Humans And Forcing Them To Fight To Death In Pit For Our Amusement” As you
    can guess, it’s probably not true.

    Here’s a different headline from The World News: “Pakistan: Cannabis
    Discovered in Prehistoric Tomb.” That sounds completely real to anyone who
    doesn’t actually know Cannabis’ origin.

    Parody is obvious, lying is devious.

  20. I hate websites like this that try to copy the onion, and fail. Instead of
    making funny stories, they just make bogus news stories without any real
    humor to them, which gets you all psyched up sometimes when you mistake
    them for real news.

  21. Just don’t use the internet as a reliable source of information, honestly
    the best and most reliable sources of information on modern discoveries and
    so on are Journal articles that have been peer reviewed, the stuff you have
    to look at at university.
    They are the more accurate and factual things you can read.

    Although i say that like i only read journals and never go on sites like
    wikipedia. In short internet articles are not to be trusted or used as a
    source of information even though sometimes the site may publish something
    accurate and correct you just have no way of finding out how they got their
    information or if they have interpreted correctly.

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