Headlines That Shock State Officials

Alex reviews current headlines including the crisis in the Ukraine as well as the reaction from Oregon COuntry officials when they heard the news that energy companies have been burning tissue…


  1. not sure if the Ukraine situation is going to bring about ww3 ,it is
    certainly a rumor of a war so far,ww3 is coming to America from Iran and
    their chum’s,all i see is America setting up their bases around the world
    in preparation of their defeat,from this a new structure has to be set in
    place ,some call it the beast some say the antichrist,some say its the
    evolution of mankind but no matter how you cut it its total enslavement of
    the world for false peace .

  2. Well it use to be run when you hear banjos playing, now when you hear star
    spangled banner playing its WW3 i think the globalists are dusting off the
    record players and plugging them in. There out the back digging up Uncle
    Sam. Just a couple more pushes and WW3 will be here.

  3. ALEX,
    i’d say with the NGOS that are messing with Russia in Ukraine , we’re
    sitting smack dab in DEFCON 2.

  4. The situation between the US and Russia is probably regarding the prophesy
    in the book of Daniel regarding the pushing and shoving between the king of
    the north and the king of the south. There will probably will not be ww3.
    There may however be a few casualties.

  5. Don’t worry, folks…..antipope Francis a.k.a. Mr. Francis, when he finds
    time in between “cononizing” the antichrist John Paul II this Sunday 27
    April, 2014, and duping most of the world, will intervene between U.S.A.
    and Russia and whoever else, and broker a peace deal….yeah, right!

  6. That little traitor fucker jacenyuk can go and fuck himself, he is dumber
    than a rock, another former bankster traitor in charge

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