Government Continues Eradication Of Free Speech

Alex Jones discusses the news and how the government continues to try and destroy the first amendment at every turn. .


  1. Reminds me of my sister. She and her kids always have some horrible
    sickness or disease, bedbugs, lice, nasty flues and colds, ALWAYS, and yet
    I’m the one with the problem because I refuse to be around them when
    they’re sick. Typical. I’m sorry she has such a nasty lifestyle, but it’s
    not my problem and I’m not going to lay down and let my health go to hell
    for her lifestyle.

  2. I’m sick and tired of the Sodomite agenda.
    And worse than marriage perversion is the family perversion aspect where
    CPS and the other wicked organizations are funneling children into their
    homes to be indoctrinated, molested, etc. So sick.
    The Sodomite Agenda will be what destroys AmeriKa.
    Not Muslims.

  3. Big brothers climbin in your windows
    He’s snatchin your people up
    Tryna rape em so y’all need to
    Hide your kids, hide your wife
    And hide your husband cuz they’re rapin everybody out here

  4. Alex on a serious note ! when have we ever seen a president screw up as
    much as Obama? when have we ever seen this many scandals happen and have
    the president still remain in office ? I say that all of them are in on
    this all of them appear to be making a big deal out of the issues in the
    white house holding all these investigations. They have to make it look
    like they want him impeached but just can’t seem to get the job done. This
    is to keep the American people from going nuts by making them think our
    government is with us and that they are doing everything they can to get
    the truth of what is going on. The problem is this is exactly what they
    want they are purposely dragging out every issue so that the master plan
    can be completed without the people getting in the way.The Republicans may
    seem like they are on our side but I have been watching I have done my
    research Obama will not go down for anything and the new world order will
    happen the War in the middle east is over oil always has been when gold
    stopped being the value of the dollar the US had to come up with something
    and they did BIG OIL became the new face of the dollar and as long as the
    US controls the oil supply the dollar will not fail! every time a leader in
    the middle east threatened the dollar by pulling out oil we took them out!
    I am sure you already knew all this and maybe you have covered this in your
    own way on a show I just have not heard it yet or I missed it but if I shed
    a new look on something for you to investigate for yourself that would be
    great if you could share it with the world on one of your shows people need
    to know that our Dollar is supported completely by big oil and has been
    since the 70’s and when you dig into this everything starts to come
    together like you have just found the missing link in the whole plan thanks
    Alex love the show. 

  5. One day the entire public will tire of the communist who fund all these
    ‘rights’ groups … many still don’t know that all this is being done to do
    nothing more than weaken our society as to destroy it . Once broken ,
    societies are easy to extort ,easy to control. Race has and is being used
    as a divide and conquer technique , the elite Jews know exactly what they
    are doing , and many of us are fallen for the scam . When the majority
    figures out the scam , maybe then we have a chance…

  6. Have people really complained about that sailor statue? Twitter has ruined
    the world. Everybody’s gott get their panties in a bunch over everything
    and anythìng nowadays!

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