Girl costs Dad 80K with “SUCK IT” Facebook Post Ft. David So

1 – Facebook Fuck Up News – 2 – Pervert News –…


  1. Guess she won’t be going to college…there’s always ITT Tech, a local
    community college or a stripper pole. 

  2. They havent done the first story, there havent been any facebook stories in
    the last month on this channel

    Since thats how old the story is 

  3. Judges have to follow the law. If their isn’t something they can convict
    him on then there is no conviction. That is why many states are making laws
    to reflect this. It is like the teens who committed suicide because of
    Facebook post. In the beginning, there wasn’t any laws that covered it, now
    that laws have been created, they have a law to convict people. 

  4. That first story PISSED ME OFF. I feel so bad for the parents. If that was
    my child, I wouldnt pay for their college. I`d probably kick them out of
    the house

  5. Geo’s definitely right. She would have seen her dad lose his job, go to
    court, obviously she would know the outcome. She’s stupid if the dad said
    “DON’T TELL ANYBODY” and she then went on facebook.

  6. So wait the stipulation was they couldn’t say how much yet the post didn’t
    say how much? I’m confused I may be missing something.

  7. Also you can’t assume to have privacy in a public place. Back in the day
    it was just guys finding ways to look up skirts now they have cameras lol
    but this is just another stab at our civil rights the us is committing
    Civil Rights suicide in every aspect. ps i don’t support what this guy
    was doing but if its covered it wont be seen in a picture.

  8. You guys really need to look further into the second story. It’s not the
    judges fault its the way the law is worded in Boston and they are trying to
    change it.

  9. i don’t think geo likes olivia because almost every video jk makes she is
    either giving her bad looks or dissing her. 🙁 be friends!

  10. That’s the plague of social media + girls, they gotta express everything
    via status updates. No matter how private or how small 

  11. In the second segment, it looked like Bart was trying to take up-skirt
    shots of Tommy and Joe under the table haha

  12. The pervert news is like not convicting a rapist because they argue the
    victim was dressed inappropriately and had it coming. WTF 

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