Geoengineering Scientist Tells All About Chemtrails

Dr. Matthew Watson from Bristol University in the UK told the media recently that he’s “terrified” by many of the geoengineering projects currently in the works to thwart man-made climate…


  1. I monitor all the Chemtrails in Montreal , my hard drive is completely full
    of chemtrail videos 🙂 

  2. But climate change is fake because the Koch Brothers own the Coal Power
    Plants that are poisoning your bodies and the environment. Infowarriors are
    dumbest cult to have ever walked the earth.

  3. Listen people, there are horrible atrocities in the world as well as
    diabolical people, but listening to fear mongering Alex “Clownshoes” Jones
    is not the answer. He makes new scary headlines everyday for people to
    click on. It’s his business. His business isn’t to make the world better,
    just create fear and subscribers. Don’t fall for the illuminati or the

  4. People that believe in the Chemtrail Conspiracy are deluded idiots. There
    are chemtrails in the skies above unpopulated areas also. They aren’t only
    over population centres. Why would the engineers and air line workers
    conspire to poison the whole population ? They would be poisoning their
    own families also because everyone breathes in the same air. If something
    does not make sense, then it is a load of bullshit. I totally agree that
    Chemtrails are poisonous because it is the vapours of burning fossil fuel
    (jet fuel) you stupid dumb idiots. You don’t have to be Einstein to work
    that out.

  5. I have followed chemtrails for over 10 years.. I’ve recirded the so called
    planes that chemtrail, and they look transparent! Yes, transparent.. Check
    it out for yourself with a webcam and a tripod.. You know what the funny
    thing is, back in the 80s, there were no planes, simply chemtrails.. That’s
    sone ufo technology right there..

  6. A few years ago I watched a video on Formula 1, at the Mercedes test track.
    3 guys were talking and one says +/- “If they need to MB will fly a plane
    and can remove those clouds in no time so they can test”. the other 2 guys
    have a look on their face like ‘WTF are you doing, we Never talk about
    this, STFU”….So, some in the media must have been instructed on the
    subject of what to say and not say.

  7. The dark ones are waging a war on enlightenment and spiritual growth cos
    they know that if everyone wakes up its game over for them.

  8. If one were to put any kind of ‘solids’ thru an engine, like micron sized
    aluminum, it would erode the turbine blades and other components. I post
    “Chemtrails in 1944”? I found some interesting photo’s

  9. The dark ones are waging war on enlightenment and spiritual growth because
    they know that if everyone wakes up its game over for them.

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