Gamer Rant: Freedom of Speech Awareness

This is video which I am talking about the awareness going which we need to discuss and understand point of speech is because we all have right to talk trash each other as we like, post what we like, create what we like and anything that is harmless verbally and visually are consider freedom of speech as well. Understand for those people who are being like special snowflakes, you need to understand that words and images doesn’t hurt anyone, but if you don’t like what you don’t like to see, you have the right to block the person, don’t look any posts, don’t buy the products and don’t read/watch/play anything that is not your taste because you know everyone have choices to choose what they like and what they don’t like which everyone wins. We need to understand that we need to keep the internet open and free for everyone because everyone have the right to know what’s the facts if it’s true or not, but understand you need to be responsible what your kids and you doing online and even there are some sites is not suitable for you and your kids which you don’t want to touch. I will talk more stuff related to this future which everyone need to understand in my videos.

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