Game over? Ukraine militia hope for best, fear worst

The ceasefire agreement between government forces and militias in Eastern Ukraine is holding. That’s despite a number of sporadic clashes since the deal was signed. Fighters leaving the crisis…


  1. Nothing more than pure Russian terrorism.
    I still remember stacionary russian forces in Poland in the 80’s.
    Fortunatelly we kicked them out.
    I lived near this Rusian military unit . And i still remember my chat with
    one of them. He told me that they begging officers in Russia to send them
    to Poland because in Russia they don’t have enough food. Russian soliders
    starving in Russia all the time-he said.
    And I remember time when Russian forces leaving Poland. Me and my friend
    were stading near railway and when train with soliders passing by we took
    off our pants down and showed them our naked asses 🙂 That was a loot of
    fun. After that we shauted to them: “GO HOME RUSSIAN BASTARDS!”

  2. With Amnesty International only hours ago reporting that the Russians and
    Rebels have broken the ceasefire on countless occasions, so I wouldn’t be
    going back too soon. Reports of Rebel ransoms and despicable torture’s
    flood out of Rebel held area’s. Amnesty’s report is just I Goggle click

  3. Lol nice sob stories RT. Just keep reporting on one side of the story, and
    the educated world will keep ignoring your joke if a network.

  4. I WILL CALL IT NOW: Come back to this comment when it happens 🙂

    NATO summit is over and exercises being held this week in the Black sea and
    in Western Ukraine will somehow yield a false flag blamed on who? that’s
    right the DPR forces and RUSSIA.

  5. Go Home Russia and if you are Ukrainian and don’t like the government in
    Kiev protest peacefully or move. Lawbreakers and traitors will face serious
    consequences. On side note I wouldn’t be going back into the combat zone
    just yet it is way too soon. 

  6. Game over + devin the dude. Alt media is being used to harass
    dissidents.All news is faked.Anyone shown on t.v is a slave/crisis actor.
    Sell out scum.

  7. The last min is the best. I am glad there is more Americans and westerners
    that realize that Kiev is Nazis and has lost!!!

  8. Title must be : “Ukraine Militia hopes for best, prepares for worst”.

    Well done militiaboys ! You just defeated the dictator’s whole fascist
    army. Eternal glory for you !

  9. Terrible, but thank God these people had weapons and were able to fight the
    Evil Kiev Government and their NWO Globalist pigs of the western bankers
    otherwise, they’d all be enslaved like the American people were by King
    George back in the late 1770’s.

  10. Best wish’s to the anti Keiv fighters from a American who is not
    brainwashed. These people are fighting a corrupt illegal government that
    took over their country. What would we Americans do if a mob of people took
    out our government and another country put a puppet in power in our
    country?…..we would do the same thing as these people, at least i would
    like to think we would. Its so wrong when a country shells its own people.
    Shame on the US/NATO backed pawns who killed their own people.

  11. Hopefully the war is over. The North West Ukrainian should also have
    autonomous region. This would prevent this area from continuing to bully
    the rest of the country with its culture. This NW area was under polish or
    Austrian Hungarian rule for centuries so it has no clue about the rest of
    the country. This area of the Ukraine has to stop thinking its culture is
    the only culture of the country and enforcing its culture on the rest of
    the country.

  12. Good news. Lets hope Porky’s masters are really ready to let him talk
    peace. If he comes back fighting it will get real serious. Its only the
    fascist West, Kiev Nazis and psychopaths that want to fight. Enough people
    have been destroyed and killed already. And for what ?

  13. if the ukrainian east army can cause continual withdrawal by kiev
    forces,kiev will never regain this ground, they should be grateful there
    was a ceasefire.
    I cannot see the ceasefire lasting unfortunately, which would involve the
    supply of modern russian artillery for a civil war the west started.
    and the icing on the cake is reading comments from in particular ignorant
    americans calling us the aggressors- –take a bow zionist media good job,
    good job

  14. Donbass militia kept 70% of Ukraine Military Hardware , you can say Ukraine
    army shamelessly was disarmed. Now its seems to me those miners from
    Donbass have to return these military hardware to those who came to kill
    them. What kind is this ceasefire when no one is going to be charged for
    atrocities have been done by Ukr. Gov.

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