FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Briefing Conference (2/22/2017)

Watch Live: Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing (2/22/2017) Sean Spicer News Conference – President Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Conference (2/22/2017) Sean Spicer Briefs Reporters at the White House

Spokesman Sean Spicer briefs reporters and responds to their questions on a variety of topics.

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New White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Deliver Statement
White House Daily Briefing
Sean Spicer Slams Media First Press Conference
Donald Trump Speech
Donald Trump Press Conference
Donald Trump’s Immigration Order
Donald Trump Interview
President Trump Press Conference
Donald Trump Latest News
Sean Spicer Live


  1. President Trump has greatly expanded the press in these daily briefings to even include stations and media via Skype who may not be in the typical beltway press, much more inclusive of those with fewer resources and who aren't funded by corporations or the federal government, state Govs., rich foreigners, etc. I wish more reporters outside the beltway could get more attention than these hacks who tell people what to think, following directives of CIA, Soros, CFR and UN factions.

  2. I have never searched CNN, avoid them like the plague, never subscribed to their channels, affiliates, yet they are one of a handful of media which pop up on my daily what to watch feed here on You Tube, elsewhere. I believe there's a concerted effort to censor what people see and hear online, and on TV. Since the top few men richest men in the world have planned for their world government and funded all efforts to indoctrinate countries, take down resistant governments, spend billions on programs and their own foundations, like minded "charities" which assist and push for their agendas. I never see many of the channels I do watch daily in my feed, even with having subscribed to them.

  3. <-> Why? Cause>Clean Green Earth for all, that's why! Sub my channel for a good cause and great videos! Love you all! 😉

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