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  1. Honestly these companies need to start improving their technology instead
    of limiting it. There’s other countries that are more advanced with their
    internet than the US is. How I’d love to be one of those counties, but
    instead I’m sitting here getting fucked daily by Comcast. These companies
    need to start advancing toward improving their services, before someone
    else comes a long and shows them how things really should be done.
    Hopefully the day comes when I’m allowed to have the best possible internet
    with the budget I currently have. 

  2. Google can win this. All they have to do is slow their own search results
    down to a crawl for a day, and blame the death of net neutrality with links
    to Representatives who own stock in Comcast.

    The millions in kickbacks these politicians are getting would quickly lose
    their value when hundreds of millions of people are all phoning and
    screaming at them all at once.

  3. lol that rapping 😛 and i agree, we do have to act. act with anger and
    hatred and show them we’ll get more serious.

  4. this is why i dont like internet site company’s growing to big, like google
    and facebook and stuff.

  5. Fortunately Corparations while powerful don’t quite rule Europe and for the
    time being Internet access will remain as is over here.

    Though saying that we in the UK do get websites banned (although passable
    quite easily) like Piratebay etc. 

  6. Lol the quality of this video slowly dropped from 720p to 144p towards the
    end of the video, either that or my internet it really bunked up today. xD

  7. So does this mean even if I live in Europe I will be affected by this if
    the website I’m on is American?

  8. Net Neutrality
    They are trying to destroy this.

    The net works just fine. If you al do this shit, it will be fucked forever.

  9. hello we are the fcc I Thomas and it’s sinister genius leader we have
    always lurked among you like maggots in a bloated stinking corpse of a
    diseased rat soldiers of the one that buys the dark god socialism until a
    year ago every was going to our evil plan we never expected to betrayed by
    one of the any people’s hobbies it’s name the internet they destroyed our
    god and destroyed it’s power I and I alone will restore our dark god I will
    destroy the internet and I will destroy freedom for the last time

  10. As I read the comments, there are basically two kinds of reactions:

    1. Hurrr capitalism, durrr evil corporations…kill the rich.
    2. I don’t understand the issue, can someone explain it to me in a
    non-retarded fashion?

    I firmly fall in the second camp. I have no idea what’s going on here, I
    s’pose this is not the ideal topic for Francis rage. I would prefer
    boogie’s view here.

  11. I may or may not be in the okay zone because I use a local internet company
    for my wifi uses.

  12. It’s not going to be a fast lane. It’s going to be a slow lane to the
    folks who don’t pay the corporate tax. Twitter will be the new norm, as
    we’ll only have enough bandwidth to send text and only X number of

  13. So between no rules on net neutrality to rules that MANDATE the ability for
    companies to break it, I’d rather have the no rules approach, as was the
    case prior to Net Neutrality’s “official” existence (2010).

  14. The internet is one of the last bastions of free speech we have they take
    that away its game over this place is not just for sedond life but has made
    it easier to stay in touch with our friends and family we need to do all
    that we can and put the We back in we the people because without us these
    c8mpanies are nothing so share call and write to our so called
    representatives because free speech really should be free.

  15. ITS all about the money. People are like cattle, and the men on top control
    the cattle in which direction they must go (pay)

  16. The White House already said there going to keep the internet free
    If you look at the petition 

  17. We might lose, a petition, basically a digital piece of paper cant change
    the minds of over influenced, corrupted FCC members and an even more “mind
    changed” members who were paid to be anti net neutrality. Im sorry, I think
    we lost.

  18. well done video, very good idea there boogie, i already sent my mail a few
    days ago and today i (and probably everyone else) got a response from tom
    wheeler, saying that he will take our opinions into account and that he
    will “fight for an open internet”
    let’s hope he’s not fucking wtih us here

  19. some corporation or another or the FCC is now realizing the the open net
    internet online Ect is big money and now they want a slice. of our green
    blue and red £.$
    and now we’ll be hearing back hand under the table deals from now on. they
    will just twist this to there advantage just to get more moneys from us all
    its that simple
    and disgusting. so take up arms and lock up ye piggy banks and nip this
    thing in the bud.

  20. Eminem ftw… Im pissed about this to Francis because we’re already paying
    sky, BT, Virgin, for the Internet and now we’ve got to pay more? DAFAQ we
    pay for electric and the ties into Internet like pcs electric and Internet
    it’s stupid…

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