Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon on ‘The Rock’ mulling presidential bid

Small Business Administration’s Linda McMahon on the state of small business, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson considering a political career and President Trump’s tax plan.


  1. people are saying in the comments the rock as president is a joke……..idiots do you know who your president is now? stfu

  2. ZIGZag must of been talking about the Americans that voted for Obama the past two elections. Billlions of our taxpayer money went to muslim countries and his pockets just before leaving office. Go to google and research it.

  3. THE ROCK the steroids that he's been taking are getting to his head, lol That's all we need is somebody dumber than Obama.

  4. ONLY Dumb as a ROCK Americans would Vote for this TV Land Clown HOLLYWOOD is Not AMERICA its a FREAK Show of Creeps !

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