Former Politicians’s New Job Is Pure Corruption In Action

“Fresh off his retirement of Congress, following a devastating defeat in the primaries, Eric Cantor is reportedly jumping into a cozy Wall Street investment firm. On Monday, the Wall Street…


  1. Meanwhile the impeached womanizing former president makes million dollar
    speeches while his wife, who only stays with him for political purposes,
    tells everyone how poor they are.

  2. So.. people sign a petition. How long will it take from start to finish,
    making the assumption that this plan works, to “get money out of politics”?
    Will it be done within the year. 5. 10. 50? (Again, play devils advocate
    here and assume that it does work).

  3. How much money do I have to pay Cenk to get money out of politics? Only
    enough for Cenk to retire on, *riiight*? 

  4. All wealth above $1 billion and income above $1 million should be taxed
    100%. Why do we allow such obscene wealth when there is so much poverty in
    this world? Does Bill Gates really work harder than a factory worker or
    coal miner to deserve that much money?

  5. fuck over the population and be handsomely rewarded. Public service by the
    best and brightest. I certainly feel fully serviced.

  6. You know, sometimes I read the History and Decline of the Roman Empire and
    the stories of rich men buying the emperorship from the Praetorian Guard
    and think, how did the Romans put up with that shit and defend it, even
    rhetorically? Americans like to think they’ve learned so much from history.
    Some 500 years from now, some avid readers of history will read about or
    view this and think, how did the Americans believe that these politicians
    at all represented to the lofty principles of their Republic?

  7. A well paid whore. Deregs murder hundreds of thousands of Americans, the
    media sleeps (bad for ratings) & the whores work to fatten the fattest
    wallets at the nations expense. Cant afford safety fair pay and a clean
    planet, nay say the whores

  8. He’s going to live the high life, go to politicians, and show the other
    politicians exactly how luxuriously you can live in retirement if you play

  9. I dont see how wolf pac will address this issue, because once someone
    leaves office they are free to do what they want wolf pac can stop/limit
    political campaign spending etc, but there isnt anything to stop a
    corporation coming along and offering an already elected politician a stack
    of money to pass legislation with the promise of a cushy job afterwards

  10. There should be NO income taxes whatsoever, no dividend taxes, no payroll
    taxes, no capital gains taxes, no death taxes, no gift taxes, none of it.
    The only way to stop money from flowing into government is to remove
    corruption, and ability of government to tax business and to set business
    laws and to print money (Federal reserve and its inflation) is corruption.

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  12. Oh my, a former politician going to Wall Street? Jesus, this doesn’t count
    as news, but it’s news because it’s Eric Cantor. Revolving door indeed. 

  13. And this is why people don’t trust politicians. But the wheel keeps
    turning and some people out there will defend this idiot. How pathetic.
    He was never for the people he supposedly represented. Hell, I would make
    the argument that he was only for himself, even at the cost of causing
    damage to the country. 

  14. Let’s have an investigative report on ex congressmen, there jobs after
    politics, and if past legislation helps their employer. Also any
    contributions from before employment.

  15. I´m sorry Cenk wolf pac is great, but it won´t stop cases like this where
    politicians get millionaire job offers for political favours, a law that
    forbids politicians to accept jobs if there is any conflict of interests
    would be more suitable imo.

  16. I’ve been dabbling in harebrained leftist policies again, except I think I
    found one that might actually work this time. The most paid person in a
    company can’t make more than 20 times the least paid person. Eh? Think
    about it…

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