Floyd Mayweather On Ray Rice Video & NFL’s Reaction

“At least one person seems to think Ray Rice is getting a raw deal. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. told reporters on Tuesday that the NFL should’ve stuck to the initial two-game ban that was announced…


  1. Floyd Mayweather is an illiterate oaf whose only talent is his work ethic
    and determination towards his sport. That’s it. Don’t ask him any questions
    that don’t concern boxing, I don’t give a shit how much of a “business man”
    he claims to be, he’s retarded.

  2. Floyd is so dumb. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Well Coming from someone
    who can’t read one page of a Harry potter book I’m not that shock on his

  3. This bitch didn’t just kill a baby, she killed 2 of them, would have killed
    3 if it was triplets…baby killer apologists

  4. Question: When did it happen, that so many men became pathetic, mysoginist
    cowards like that? It seems like only a few months ago those guys would’ve
    been sent back to the Dark Ages from which they came. Of course, I get WHY
    they act like that, since their masculinity depended on the power they had
    over women (something they are losing over time), instead of being men
    independantly to their rapport to women. But they still have plenty of
    power over women right now, and they haven’t lost much of it since last
    month; so why did the change happened then? It’s just so sudden, I don’t
    get it? When did all those guys became so pathetic and cowardly that they
    actually defend beating up women now?

    (This question coming from a guy, btw)

  5. I’m so glad that TYT is showing these video’s of late. I hope it drives out
    the misogynistic Brand, anti-feminist Liberals. They group up with
    right-wing Republicans just to hate. I would love to not see them here

  6. Um, pardon me. Are we forgetting the fact that the cunt swung at him twice
    before he did anything? It’s called “self-defense” for all of you feminazi
    morons who are too stupid to get the concept.

    Stop painting this bitch as the poor defenseless victim. 

  7. Exactly what you would expect from this classy ape. Can only beat on women
    because he’s too afraid to fight real men like Manny

  8. Nfl is saving face. But tyt might as well be everyone on twitter. I hate
    this topic on tyt. Cenk and Ana are for the first time annoying me. Ray
    rice incident happened in feb. He was punished but becuz of shit like this
    his career is over. 

  9. I mean, is TYT purposely ASKING for dislikes?? Because it seems like no
    matter how poorly some of their videos fare, they never seem to learn their
    lesson. And Ana always seems to be the one chiming in on those stories.

    I remember a couple years ago when I would actually look forward to TYT.
    Those days are long gone.

  10. I think he’s (floyd) saying, that if he had beat somebody that bad, they
    would’ve taken pictures proving and showing what he did.

  11. Ok, we all saw Ray Rice knock his woman out on tape there’s no denying
    that. But when Cenk says Floyd “punched his woman in the face repeatedly in
    front of his children” and “beat her within an inch of her life” when the
    fuck did that bullshit happen and where are the pictures?? Now TYT is
    making up shit!! See the thing about Floyd’s is WE DONT WHAT HAPPENED. So
    why is TYT making up stories. I highly doubt anything major happened with
    Floyd’s cases, just gold digging hoes trying to make a come up. 

  12. “I try to become a better person each and every day”
    Well learn to read then, and stop hitting women you fucking retard. 

  13. Jesus christ, there are more important stories going on at the moment, are
    there not? He got his punishment, just let it go. 

  14. Why is it OK for a woman to hit a man, but a man not to hit a woman back!
    Maybe she will keep her hands to herself now that her spoiled pretty ass
    got checked!

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