Ferguson residents torn over property destruction

Members of the Ferguson, Mo. community are reflecting on the violence that shook the St. Louis suburb just over one week ago. Despite having no connection to the death of African-American teenager.


  1. My question is why wasn’t there more cases of citizens protecting their
    property with firearms? (There was only one case of this. Google: Conoco
    gas station Ferguson riots).

    Considering what happened to Ferguson, maybe it’s time for Americans to
    relearn the lessons of the LA riots. In those riots, police abandoned many
    of the Korean owned small businesses in the affected area, thus leaving
    them at the mercy of rioters who looted and destroyed them. *Private
    citizens were forced to organize and protect themselves and their
    businesses through the use of firearms.* That was probably the most
    essential application of Second Amendment rights in the last few decades.

    Sadly, when the girl interviewed here said that protesters just got too
    enraged and began vandalizing… I’m thinking about how these folks just
    royally fucked over their own community FAR more than the police ever
    could. Even if you never shopped there, those businesses pay taxes for
    your city services, they employ people and encourage development. And many
    of those small business owners will probably never reopen in Ferguson and
    may have had their lives destroyed.

    The amount of stupidity behind this sort of destruction is mind boggling.

  2. I recall an earlier RT piece about how blacks were offended that the
    national guard was deployed and that the state police concentrated in
    ferguson. Guess what, there was justification to protect the town because
    these “righteous” savages will burn and pillage without discrimination. Do
    they think that those businesses will reopen in ferguson? Some will as a
    condition of their interest-free loan, but anyone with the least amount of
    sense will do their best to reopen elsewhere and let ferguson suffer the
    fate of Detroit.

  3. Would you attack the police? They have guns, armored personel carriers and
    all the justification in the world (real or percieved) to load live ammo
    and cut you down where you stand. That’d be suicide.

    But that’s trying to attribute logic to a mob.

  4. Where did the get this kid? he logic defies reason and has no basis I
    facts. At the end of the day, this community will need to get more involved
    in their day to day civil government. Taking our businesses makes them look
    like terrorists. Which in many minds means they were met appropriately by
    police. By the way, I am not going to respond to comments and hate speech.
    Leave me out of your drama. Personal responsibility at every step by
    everyone in that community is one of the many steps that will need to take

  5. Since the national guard was ordered out of the area and did nothing, the
    question of how much of this destruction was done by provocateurs, must be

  6. the answer to the reporter question, police cared mostly to protect the
    police station, they had maximum protection overthere, coast guard and
    everything. they were arresting people in that area left and right.

  7. Righteous? She should not even use the words. So what you are angry…big
    whoop. You cowards would not attack the police station because you know
    death would follow…cowards is all you are, you do not mourn by hurting
    others. No excuse and there is no debate. Violence is inexcusable in this
    case. They should look at all the videos and arrest every last one of them.

  8. All U pussies lobbing insults from the safety of a keyboard. If U hate as
    much as U claim, answer truthfully & ask Urself, when was the last time U
    let it be known, & outright challenged the object of Ur hatred to a good
    ol’ fashioned fist-fight? Some real grown man type shit? Seriously?!

  9. Brown was not murdered!!! Wilson was cleared by the Grand Jury!!! People
    know better not to damage someone else’s property!! I do not care if they
    were upset they had no right burning down businesses nor looting. Ferguson
    is not a community where I would want my family to live. They blame
    everyone else for their problems instead of accepting individual

  10. The reason they don’t burn down a police station is because the police
    would probably shoot them all dead with the national guard. 

  11. How is a debate over whether the destruction of private property owned by
    people who had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting even remotely
    worthy of a fucking debate? What in the hell?! Of course it’s not fucking

  12. Good questions. You can see by her reactions that she never even thought
    about what to do beyond mindless violence. Herd mentality just like a bunch
    of ants.

  13. Country was build and handed to us, we must keep for generations to
    com.Burning and destruction is bad either way private or public buildings
    are all belong to people. public buildings are build from tax payers funds
    and private buildings are belong to businesses who provide jobs and help
    local economy. Protest means you disagree and can be done by showing a
    peaceful walk or perhaps voting your elected official out of office not to
    destroy what belong to you and all citizen…We are all smart American not
    a waco ISIS.

  14. The problem was no one was trying to protect their businesses. Don’t people
    have any kind of firearms. People have the responsibility to protect their
    own property.

  15. I’m sorry, I don’t like her attitude. I mean she was laughing about
    people’s businesses being burned. I believe in protesting and I’ve done it
    myself, but to take it out on the businesses in your own neighborhood is
    pretty immature, short-sighted and just plain stupid. They played right
    into the powers-that-be’s hands, acting as expected. It’s just sad. 

  16. That girl was cofounder of some activist group — she’s been trained – on
    how to manipulate the press. Why did they chose her for this video? RT you
    disappoint me once again!

  17. Like I said, these two wanna be Rosa Parks have no CLUE what they are doing
    or talking about. They have no concept of JUSTICE or RIGHTEOUSNESS, just a
    misguided sense of vengeance..

    Please stop giving this stupid girl and her friend air time. It’s
    ridiculous that she justifies this and has the nerve to say she warned them.

    Plenty of good causes to get behind while not burning people’s shit.

  18. oh yeah sure! burn up the polive station! the media would have a field day
    with that. that would also increase racial profiling!

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