Ferguson Residents React to Wilson’s Resignation

Residents of Ferguson had mixed reactions to the resignation of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown in August. (Nov. 29) Subscribe for more Breaking News: .


  1. It just goes to show the the education level/level of understanding this
    woman has of what the grand jury was actually doing. She says he officer
    Wilson “should have been found guilty” but he wasn’t on trial. The grand
    jury was convened to decide if charges were going to be filed against him.
    He was never on trial for anything. I believe this is typical of most of
    the Ferguson protestors. Ignorant in the extreme.

  2. Just because the outcome wasnt what people expected it to be does not mean
    there was any wrong doing with the judicial system. A Jury heard the case
    and was given all of the evidence. They made a decision. People need to
    accept that. The mob mentality is the hanging mentality and it has no place
    in a civilized society. Like it or not, the decision was made and the
    verdict passed. Live with it. Destroying innocent peoples lives and
    livelihoods is not going to change it. Acting like juvenile delinquents and
    vandalizing and terrorizing the community wont change the minds of the
    jurors. Learn to control your animalistic behavior and stop setting bad
    examples for the youth. File petitions, hire attorneys and take it to the
    Supreme court. Dont tear apart your town and community and steal hair
    extension and booze. Fucking retards.

  3. From watching this video, one concludes: If you’re black or a woman you
    should still be upset and angry. If you are whiter or male, you are
    supposed to sympathize with the killer cop. Well everyone, I am white and
    male and I say hang his ass! Of course we won’t do all that but you get the
    point. He is a murderer and a liar. I do not condone the killing of any
    civilian, minority or not unless absolutely necessary, which is an
    extremely rare occurance.

  4. I’m glad that punk michael brown is dead. I wouldn’t want him walking
    around my neighborhood making trouble being a bully to old people. Dumb
    Brown the thug clown is probably rotting in hell.

  5. All we care about is that that store robbing nigger gave us his permanent
    resignation from this world! Good Riddance! Nigger! Hahahaha! :)

  6. He had over $500k he will sell his house if he hasn’t already relocate get
    his anger his families names changed and go back to being a police officer
    somewhere else under new name.

  7. I think he did the honorable thing by resigning, and as soon as the Chief
    steps down, and the entire Ferguson Police Force is replaced by more
    suitable Police Officers, perhaps this situation will finally die down and
    sanity will return to America!

  8. LADY – Does your 16 yr old son typically grab for an OFFICERS gun? And
    later have the forensics to prove it? Brainwashed fucking apes. You can’t
    reason with these perpetual victims. They’ll only be happy once they pass a
    law saying blacks can take a cops gun without consequence.

  9. “I think he shouldn’t have been let free because even though I have no
    inkling of the real case nor seen any real evidence, because Mr. T.V. told
    me to think he was guilty and I always do what Mr. T.V. wants. If Mr. T.V.
    told me to kill my kids because reasons, I would do so faster than Abraham
    and no Angel would stop me. Mr. T.V. is my life and savior and I am so
    happy to live in the chains it puts me in because God forbid I actually
    utilized the intelligence and free thinking I have to approach a decision
    in my life. Thank you Mr. T.V. for being in charge of my life. Now excuse
    while I go watch Mr. T.V. so I can see how the rich live and feel bad about
    my life.” This country has gone to plaid….

  10. It is not unfortunate that that killer had to resign. It is unfortunate
    that he got away with killing an unarmed teenager. Wilson’s story is
    ridiculous. He should have been indicted. If that biased prosecutor did not
    taint the process, Wilson would have been indicted.

  11. Oh yeah officer Daren Wilson was in the wrong for telling a guy who had
    just robbed a store to get off the middle of the street. He was in the
    wrong to defend himself after being assaulted by a man who weighs 290lbs.
    He was in the wrong for shooting a man who was moving towards a cop after
    the cop had told him to put his hands in the air. Yeah he was tottally
    wrong. What a horrible cop he was. 

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