Feminist (AwesomeRants) vs. MRA (Janet Bloomfield) (DP)

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  1. Awesome Rants started off pretty decent but once the rape culture
    discussion began, gravity pulled her down from the clouds of logic & reason
    back to the depths of feminist dogma.

  2. I am terrified of infinite void enveloping the entire existence. Why are
    things even real? Why do we exist? Why anything does matter at all?

    Existence is a sick joke.

  3. While I agree with most of what Janet says, I think her tone and overall
    attitude is a little bitchy.

    Come at me white knights

  4. Feminism and all left ideologies make total sense to me now, its the
    Ideology of the Weaks, both mental and emotionaly, Its ppl who are afraid
    of getting hurt, who want the world to shape in a way that they feel safe,
    They are just cowards who want a dream of safety that will came at the cost
    of progress, because you can’t get progress if you don’t DARE.. and thats
    what leftists fear the most, ppl who DARE!

  5. Janet may have been a bit loud and vulgar, she got her points across better
    and used overall better fact and logic. Lmao the sensitive fucks in the
    comments, dismissing everything she said because they felt she was too

  6. MRA just sounds like a nasty, confused, picky, closed-minded, drunken fool
    to me. AwesomeRants sounded thoughtful and open minded. <3 her! 

  7. I’m a feminist and I will not be shamed of my label. It stands for gender
    equality, ALL genders and that is what I strive for. If there are MRAs who
    strive for the equality of ALL genders, not like this dumb idiot Janet who
    thinks gender and sex are the same and we should strive for the equality of
    ALL genders not simply two sexes. Then you are an ally to me. But foolish
    people like Janet, you are far from an ally, you are a cancer on the
    movement and you denying the existence of various gendered people makes you
    anything but a humanist. 

  8. A feminist vs. an MRA in MORTAL KOMBAT!!! *Mortal Kombat theme music from
    terrible 1995 film plays*

  9. I like how Janet is like “if only all feminist were as sane as you” while
    she’s acting completely irrational and bitchy almost like she has a grudge.

  10. If you start punching someone and they do not explicitly say don’t hit
    them, then it is consensual and not abuse?

  11. I think everyone should realize by now that there are extremists within
    every group of people. Thanks for this, I can now realize that calling
    someone a feminazi is the same as avoiding a black person on the street
    because of a stereotype that they might rob or beat you up. There are
    extremists within every group of people, and no one likes the extremists,
    and we tend to stereotype everyone within that group based on what the
    extremists do because it’s extreme, it makes headlines and controversy etc.
    I hate “feminazis” as much as I hate MRA’s. Because we only ever hear of
    the extreme side of both groups, in this video, I think you put up a
    Feminist against an extremist MRA, kinda unfair because it makes the MRA
    chick look ignorant and stupid, maybe next time use an actual feminazi in
    the debate.

  12. Sigh, so she is saying that people shouldn’t act like adults. They
    shouldn’t have to own up to their own actions. Because people just aren’t
    capable of that. Sigh, feminists. Grow the fuck up.

  13. The comments below in one comment:
    -People arguing about Hobby Lobby.
    -People arguing whether or not there are more than two sexes or genders.
    -People arguing the difference between sex and gender.
    -People bitching A LOT.

  14. No- men should not have a right to say ” I am not the father” and stay away
    from all responsibilities just because they do not want to. A man should
    not have equal right to tell a woman “get an abortion” and she must follow
    through either.

    I’m not a feminist at all. But it is reasonable for men to take care of
    their own damn child. Even with current system too many men DO NOT pay
    their child support.

    Now should there be a reasonable cap on child support? Yes


  15. why didnt you bring on the show that redhead feminazi from that men’s right
    protest that was saying: ‘shut up fuck face’. she would be so nice to talk
    to :p

  16. I actually agree, almost entirely, with Janet’s views. Mind you her tact
    and phrasing could use some work.

  17. I was born a human but I’m just a cat in a humans body. Anybody that tries
    to tell me I’m an idiot is a felinephone. I think we should boycott petco
    for being so felinephobic that they wouldn’t let me get groomed.
    #boycottpetco. I know this is an extreme example but that’s literally how
    stupid any pro trans degenerate sounds to me 

  18. The feminazis are the face of feminism in the media because of fucktards
    like MRA that make it that way. The anti feminists control the media and
    give feminists bad press to make them all look like feminazis

  19. I have to admit, I’m seriously freeked out by transgender people. Yeah, I
    agree that people deserve to choose for themselves on matters such as that,
    but it still hits me in that Uncanny Valley spot. Gay people don’t unnerve
    me normally but every thing connected to them is just a clusterfuck of
    politically sensitive issues. You can’t report sexual harrasment when a gay
    guy is hitting on you without looking like a homophobe.

  20. AwesomeRants can’t stay feminist for long. She’s very calm and reasonable,
    and actually made Janet look overly emotional and pointlessly offensive in
    comparison. It’s always the other way around, with feminists going
    ballistic if their ideas are calmly challenged by facts.

    I gave up after ten minutes of Janet’s combative tone. I think that in the
    future AwesomeRants will come across a better egalitarian debater and have
    to abandon feminism.

  21. I dont understand why she states “I personally am for the equality of all
    genders” but identifies herself as a feminist. That makes no fucking sense
    to me. 

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