Even Other Terrorists Denounce Taliban School Attacks In Pakistan

“In one of the worst terrorist attacks in Pakistan’s history, militants belonging to the Pakistani Taliban on Tuesday launched a brazen attack on a military-run school in the city of Peshawar….


    This literally tore my heart apart :(

  2. Religion is not the problem. People are. Even if religion did not exist,
    you think people would stop using ideologies as tools to attack? Ideas are
    ideas. Humans have a natural way of twisting ideas to suit their

  3. Why do you continue to defend Islam Mr. Cenk? Are you so caught up in that
    religion of politically correct liberalism that you can’t see the obvious

    141 students were killed by islamic militants in Pakistan today. Another 25
    school girls were bombed in Yemen today. 13 people were beheaded by ISIS.
    Yesterday, 2 hostages were killed in Australia by a cleric. 12 Afghans were
    machined gunned by militants. 12 more were blown to pieces by a suicide
    bomber in Iraq. 37 Nigerians were killed by a bomb attack in Nigeria.

    And this was only in the last 3 days. Why don’t you for just once show some
    integrity and acknowledge that Islam is a vile, evil religion that produces
    some of the worlds worst mass murderers. Don’t give me BS about only a tiny
    minority behaving this way. No other religion produces the amount of
    nutcases that islam does. Even scientology is morally superior.

  4. Cue the retards in the comments section blaming all Muslims when 132
    innocent (Muslim) kids are murdered. 

  5. Wow, im so surprised that this happened. Oh wait, no I’m not, nobody is.
    stop pretending this religion isn’t evil, fuck them all. this is coming
    from an Atheist. I don’t like any religion, but I only hate one. Glad I
    live in a dominantly christian country over muslim. honestly. 

  6. What’s with the comments against Islam here?
    Don’t get me wrong, there are problems with Islam, but how many Islamic
    terrorist attacks did Pakistan suffer before the US invasion of
    Afghanistan? Islam existed before 2001, you know, and Pakistan didn’t have
    these problems.

    Any sensible person will conclude that these problems are political, and
    are a direct result of the regional tension and unrest caused by the US war
    in Afghanistan. Unfortunately there are not enough sensible people out

  7. Does everybody not remember the 2006 drone strike on a Pakistani Madrassa?
    CURSE those Muslims! Oh wait that was a US drone? Oops. That US drone
    strike killed 69 children but I certainly do not recall ANY news reports on

  8. It always make my day when Whiny Liberals Bash Christianity but defend
    Islam. Wake Up Libtards!! We aren’t living in the Dark Ages!! Islam is the
    New Crusaders!! There are no good Muslims or bad Muslims, its just us and
    them and if you choose them then you’re going to the Shadow Realm. Simple
    as that.

  9. *Cenk “Muslim apologist” Uygur must love when stuff like this happens. I
    bet it makes his inner terrorist all giddy.*

  10. this is sickening , i have a friend who is muslim and i can only imagine
    how sick he must be to hear this shit done in the name of his religion . he
    must be sick to all hell of those assholes who did / do this stuff , and
    that goes out towards all peaceful good muslims who are sick of these
    creeps doing this shit in the name of islam . .. the world lost some
    innocents and people need to stop this shit once and for all ! 

  11. If you idiots think it’s religion, that’s the cause of all these, ur simply
    blind. This is human nature. I can bet things would be no diff without
    religion. We re programmed to wipe our race of the earth. I just laugh when
    I hear people whining about religion. Unfortunately a lot of folks are
    blind and can’t see the truth. Without religion, we would have wiped our
    race off the earth a long time ago. So weather it’s the fake religion or
    true religion, it’s was created to prevent man(animal) from killing
    ourselves by obeying rules. Nd there is proof that there’s Jesus existed.
    The fact u don’t want to believe it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true
    because that just makes u the same as the fanatics who only want to believe
    one thing nd not enlighten themselves. 

  12. This comment section is so broken. On every video I see the same trolls and
    purposefully inflammatory comments at the top. 

  13. Cenk clearly stated with how much passion he hates the concept of religion,
    and these retards in the comments are going “Hurr Durr Cenk how come you
    defending Islam”, he isn’t and never will. Just because he put Islam,
    Christianity and the rest of the other religions in the same category
    doesn’t mean he is defending it.

  14. Such a sad evil act. So-called holy-men slaughter children for the sin of
    education, maybe these religious fools should read some books and realize
    all religions are recycled fairytales. Much like your dirty hygiene your
    ignorance will poison yourself in the near future. 

  15. These psycho, barbaric, deluded, idiotic, insane motherfuckering muzzys are
    still cavemen Cenk. You even said we can’t reason with them. Religion needs
    to fucking go and has no place in the 21st century.

  16. All three of the Abrahamic religion’s holy books, whether it be the Torah,
    Bible or Quran support this terrorist bullshit. Fuck them all.

    They can stay in a corner until they all learn to play nice with the
    Atheists, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Jains and Taoists. Be ignorant of
    science and reason all you like as long as your ignorance is in following
    one of the non-violent religions.

  17. LOL this was no doubt planned and indirectly caused by the CIA. Believe it
    or not, we are fighting a proxy war with the Pakistanis. They can consider
    this repayment for sheltering Bin Laden. 

  18. As long as religion exists people will use it in horrible ways. It doesn’t
    matter if there are ‘plenty of moderates’ or people who ‘don’t believe
    every word’ but there are too many people that do. It is not
    fundamentalism, it is religion as a whole. Fuck religion but must of all
    fuck islam. 

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