Even DEATH Can’t Escape Your Student Loans

Student loan debt can haunt you until you die, and if a member of your family passes away, you might owe more than you bargained for. Find out about the predatory style of lending and debt…


  1. I don´t understand why school cost so much money and all you learn there is
    on the internet, So why even pay for free shit. i dident learn Engish untll
    i started to play English games on my computer. School is just money whore 

  2. I wish I wouldve never had sex with Sallie Mae….now instead of me giving
    her the D…she gave me D-ebt.

  3. Party hardy, dudes! argghhhhhhh! Party on! Kegger! Doobies! I’m a scholar!
    I need to take more micks ‘cuz I’m flunking out and got called into the
    Dean’s Office but they won’t kick me out on account of I paid tuition

  4. My little cousin is starting college this fall and I told her that if she
    must take out loans, “Under no circumstances do you take out PRIVATE loans
    because they will murder you.” I’m not saying that government loans are
    much better but I think that they are at least not predatory like private
    loans are.

  5. im suprised that so much people go to college in the USA.
    i pay 250 euro/semester, im in my 4. semester and have no debt at all!!!
    murica needs to change something asap^^

  6. This is just sad…seriously. How is this legal even? Why are lenders like
    Sallie Mae throwing this burden on people who obviously can’t repay their
    student loans in one lump sum? This goes against the whole system of how
    student loans should work. They call them “student” loans for a reason
    because students trying to better themselves and the world are getting

  7. Holly S**t America! And in my country we say education has problems and
    budget cuts, but nothing even remotely close to this.

  8. i took the risk of going back to school as an adult (35) and all the
    sacrifices that entails (i don’t have kids or a wife/girlfriend) so i was
    able to do this but now I have tens of thousands of dollars in federal
    student loans (prob about 20k now and rising) and i just racked up 10k in
    medical bills because i couldn’t afford to have a tooth pulled and it
    abcessed and i ended up spending 5 days in the hospital. i can’t afford
    health insurance i can barely afford car insurance, i’m not able to get
    obamacare either cause my state won’t expand medicare. i am not eligible
    for foodstamps either unless i work at least 20 hours a week which means i
    don’t have time to study high demand stem classes. i don’t know what to do
    other than keep on keeping on. i have a solid major in civil engineering
    with an environmental concentration i hope i can get employment when i
    graduate but that is still at least 3 years away most likely and i feel my
    last dreams slipping away and i can see myself being pushed back into the
    retail/service sector jobs just to make it. i just needed to vent some.
    very stressed out. 

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