EU ‘protectionist’ Indian mango ban bananas! Brits say

Indian mangos are disappearing from shop shelves in UK after Brussels slapped a ban on imports. Critics say it’s just a ploy to protect home-grown crops. RT’s Polly Boiko reports from Britain,…


  1. If food is harmful, why should we want it? If the harmful aspect is
    eliminated, I see no problem with it.

  2. People seem to be missing the point, the Mangoes pose no threat to peoples
    health, the fruit fly, lays eggs in some mangoes, and the larva could
    emerge in the country they are exported to.

    Fruit fly is NOT controlled by using pesticides,

    The point being made in this video, is that there is NO NEED to ban the
    fruit, the only thing needed is to require the exporters of the fruit, to
    thermally treat, this is done by dipping the fruit in hot water for a few
    minutes. NO Chemicals required.

    Of all the different tropical fruits, Avocados, and Mangoes are probably
    the ones that have the least chance of having pesticides, or chemicals.
    usually the only thing sprayed on mango trees, is copper, or sulfur, which
    can be considered organic.

    In the USA, mangoes that come from Mexico, or South America, require they
    be pass through thermal hot water treatment, this kills any potential pest,
    some countries prefer they be irradiated. 

  3. As a British citizen I can safely say that the export of British tomatoes
    is worth more than the sale of a few mangoes…

  4. another ploy to make small time buisnesses go bankrupt so they can be
    easily absorbed by mega corporations

  5. Just because fruit flies could affect EU crops?! Well we put shit tonnes of
    pesticides on our foods, so much it’s pretty much unhealthy! If you’re
    banning things that infect crops, Ban GMO’s from Monsanto and any
    corporation who doesn’t test it then!

  6. This is a non issue. If there is a fly that harms EU produce then to bad
    for Indian mangos, bye bye. This is a perfect opportunity for European
    farmers to expand there business and step up mango production. It is just a
    bloody mango to bad if it is your favourite, the issue is not life or

  7. UK is for India and Pakistan and muslims, government should not go
    against their own citizens.
    Last week my friend was invited for British expats events, he was the only
    white person , no racism intended

  8. Praise to EU for its ban! It’s for humanity. The poor Indian people don’t
    have food. India should keep its mango and bananas for home consumption.

  9. fruit flies are on every single fruit! if you leave a fruit to rot for too
    long it will eventually attract fruit flies. same goes with beer.

  10. RT posted a vid how GMO’s are banned in Russia and praised it, now when 3rd
    world low quality food is limited in EU its bad… fuck propaganda. 

  11. Who brought fruit flies to Australia? They attack everything. I refuse to
    use pesticides. 100% organic all the way baby.

  12. EU HAITS EVERYTHING ORGANIC. Here in Denmark everything which is Labelled
    Organic is a Pack of Lays!! It just add to the Cost for the Customer, and
    the Truth is there ARE NOON ORGANIC FOOD IN DENMARK ANYMORE:…..!!!?


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