‘EU may be for sale, but not me!’ US-EU trade deal slammed

An online push by the US to promote a transatlantic partnership deal with Europe has been met with criticism on both sides of the ocean. Twenty thousand dollars is being offered to anyone who…


  1. The EU increasing trade with a failed dictatorship/oligarchy is a perfect
    example why people are turning their back on the EU in any form. Europe
    never wanted a copy of the nazifacation of the former united states here!
    we should be increasing trade with Russia and China not with a bankrupt
    failed state 

  2. It’s up to the Europeans to give away their market to the US. Zombification
    is eventually the result of the many years of indoctrination that followed
    9/11. Mercosur in South America has already anticipated the upcoming
    European decision by rejecting any free trade agreement with the E.U., seen
    as a US backdoor promoted by Germany’s Merkel, who, in turn, has accused us
    of ‘protectionism’. Indeed, we, at least, protect our market.

  3. We Germans are paying every time anything goes wrong in the world. If the
    NATO lays waste to some country it is Germany the refugees are heading for.
    If there is some broke country in the EU again Germany pays the bills.
    That’s why the living costs and taxes in Germany are so high. That pisses
    me off. It’s because the Germans consider themselves as wannabe do-gooders
    and vote every time for the wrong parties who are throwing our money out of
    the windows.

  4. People in Europe are always whining and complaining about youth
    unemployment, yet they don’t want to come to grips with the reality of why
    it happens. It’s called *capital flight.* When you overburden businesses
    with all sorts of bullshit regulations, taxes, fees and whatnot, they tend
    to fucking leave and go some place else.

  5. Dumbass commies always oppose free trade. The superiority of free market
    economics is the reason USA completely dominated the failed USSR.

  6. These trade deals are for corporations to screw the little guy. Look at the
    history of the US-Canada soft wood lumber deal. There are no more lumber
    mills in B.C.. The logs still come out of the forest just as fast and even
    faster. So where are the logs going? Not to jobs in B.C. All shipped to the
    US and china. There are no Canadian companies in the North pumping oil. Why
    is that? Canada is unable to? Free trade deal gives all Canadas resources
    to US corporations.

  7. I sort of think I know what this USA and EU thing is all about. To
    describe the rich and almighty want to create themselves a protective net
    within this world of ours which they are ruining.

  8. Why bother even asking? Just bomb the shit out of each country till they
    submit to your ideals. Thats what the US normally does. Why change now?

  9. The potential damage is up there. Stay away from those G.M.O.s and the
    genetically modified garbage out of the States. The States are in my
    opinion ran by the mega corporate world so it is a good idea to protect
    ones self from the corporate U.S. government.

  10. I have an idea for your project… Say that it’s saving the people of
    Europe from unemployment and future starvation. They will love the idea,
    doesn’t matter what it actually is. They are so afraid of not having food
    or jobs that they will do anything.

  11. Am I right in saying corporations can sue governments if their legislation
    costs them money or they lose profit? I heard it somewhere but there is no
    way we should ever allow them to do this.

  12. Can’t we just get rid of all the people who like the drama like wars and
    money problems and create a New culture where we would not hate each other
    all the time, i mean…What’s the point of life anyway?

  13. GMO’s are forbidden in Turkey… I fully support free trade between all
    countries in the world. GMO’s aren’t getting in to my country anyway XD.

  14. The Germans have the U.S. pegged. This is definitely an underhanded deal if
    the U.S. came up with it. The TPP is built to scam the people and protect
    multi-national corporations. New World Order. GMOs. Fascism. The
    American Way

  15. The United States needs to shut down Monsanto , a world wide ban on GMO
    foods full stop .. and having banners of Goldman Sachs shown makes my skin
    crawl we as a species should be working together for a better world … but
    as it stands just now there are too many people 

  16. The tweet in the article about the need for debate ,demonstrates the need
    for English grammar lessons in the American embassy.

  17. At this point any nation that lets a U.S. embassy or their international
    banks and corporations in will be destroyed. That is a matter of fact. Any
    nation that wants a fair and functional society must resist the evil as if
    their very life depends on it.

  18. i have a perfect plan to put the ttip in a positive light!
    “lists of TTIP supporters to be drawn up to mass arrests for treason. due
    to these people conspiring with a foreign power to undermine the standard
    of life enjoyed by their countrymen”.

  19. *…you are not gona be a part of it! …Unless!… you do what we want!!!*
    (Lower taxes for us, les regalations for us in your country! …Oh, you
    have labor unions? …Not if you want to trade with us!)

  20. The US just needs a little love because they really mean well. Next to
    Israel, there kind of strong. I’ll take the 20,000. plus, the corporations
    will throw crumbs the way of the starving people and there good crumbs too.

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