Establishment Democrats Back Sanders, Clinton Dumped

The George Soros founded MoveOn group states on its, “With a record-setting 78.6 percent of 340,665 votes cast by the MoveOn membership, Senator Bernie Sanders has won Political Action’s endorsement for president with the largest total and widest margin in MoveOn history,”

MoveOn declares it backs Sanders for his “refusal to accept the status quo of the wealthiest Americans using their power to influence politicians”, ironically the very thing George Soros is guilty of doing with his money, power, and influence.

What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist? There isn’t one.
email shows Hillary Clinton willing to foment uprising for political gains

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  1. No, Lee Ann! Bernie is now the front runner because he ran a real campaign, a campaign for the middle class that is challenging all the big banks, Wall Street, the Waltons, and the Koch brothers, etc. You – at infowars – always mention Soros on the Left – which is true, he does have a huge influence – but fail to mention year after year, day after day, report after report, the huge amount of influence the Koch brothers and the Walton family have on politics by pumping incredible amounts of money into the Republican party. Bernie is like Dumbald Trump, he can't be bought. BUT the difference is that Bernie actually knows what he is talking about, he has served for 30 years, voting against a lot of legislation that has screwed over millions of Americans. Doing a great service to Vermont and the nation as a congressman. Trump doesn't know shit about foreign relations, politics, history. Just because you can run a few casinos and hotels does not mean you can ran a country. He has no compassion for people that look different than him, and his rallies create an unbelievable and sick mob mentality. If viewers of infowars had a brain, it's an obvious choice that Bernie is the best candidate for the presidency. End of. Stop sipping the kool aid and wake the f#$k up.

  2. Every  vote for Trump will stop the Communism NWO and Freedom from all the evil of today's Government that is in there now

  3. It's disbelief that's the evil have got so far in wealth and governments.  There must be new laws that any person lying when in power is hung.

  4. Bernie and Trump are the outsiders. They are both refusing lobby donations and superpacs. That's why they are both gaining traction. They can speak their true opinions, and are not bound to their doners. The est dems have been backing Clinton 100%, and he has been killing her in the debates. Looks like he finally turned the corner and now has her on the run. Good. He and Trump are unbuyable, and America knows it.

  5. LeeAnn McAdoo is simply excellent! she has grown into being a first class broadcaster/journalist. the seeds of liberty are many!

  6. Sounds like this could be a tactic of reverse psychology here. They see that the people are on to them & they know they are losing here. They see that we hate them so much that we refuse to vote for whoever they endorse. Endorse Sanders & people will begin to question him. Sanders loses his supporters & his votes go to Hillary Clinton. Perhaps in 2012, that tactic would work well. NOT in 2016. This will just drain more blood from the Democratic Party, more Dems will just crossover to vote Trump! This tactic will backfire on the establishment. In the end, lol, The Establishment ills their own political party. What idiots. Establishment Reps will be all they have left.

  7. They won't try to kill Trump Alex haha, chill man lol.

    THEY are pushing through the TPP as we speak, as YOU know, and as WE know,, that document is a system overhaul making business models sovereign over nations. TRUMP IS ALL BUSINESS! He is THERE MAN to hood wink everyone. The exact same play coming out of no where like Obama did when he first came. First Obama, constitutional lawyer obliterates the constitution, who better to do the deed then this! Black too so no one will EVER question what he's doing.

    Then Trump a lifelong business man plays clean up man with the TPP which is a total business document AND AFTER all the deregulating of the previous administrations. It will be like a child in a candy store for Mr. President Trump! Even if Hilary wins they will push everything they have planned through with her being a woman alone! NO MAN DARING to question her presidential authority. She has literally gotten away with hell, murder and God knows what all ready. What the hell you think she gonna do with a presidential seal in her hand for 4-8 years? The elite will beat her presidential hopes down twice for being such a ruthless dog……..Hillary actually scares THEM!

    BTW our RULERS of the eartth absolutely LOVE the Hillary for Prison 2016 T-Shirt! 🙂

    Hoping in elections is the lie of false freedoms and telling them your giving them your God given rights and the right for the evil men to govern over you!

    …….All hope and praise be to the Father Yaweh, and my savior Yeshua the only vote I will ever cast! May there kingdom come quickly…….


  8. The whole system is corrupt and rotten to it's core. The entire temple and the foundation needs to be ripped out and rebuilt. Safeguards need to be put in place so that this can never happen again. The only way to make sure that this never happens again is to take money out of politics and not allow lobbyists and special interest groups into the temple. All politicians who participate in these corrupt practices need to be arrested and charged with treason and executed in public for the whole world to see.

  9. Democratic Socialism is the way of the future. Sanders is ahead of his time.

    Democratic = Listen to the people
    Fascism = Micromanage the people
    Socialism = Lets not be greedy
    Capitalism = Lets be greedy

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