Entertainer Rolf Harris found guilty of sex assaults

Veteran Australian entertainer Rolf Harris was found guilty on Monday of 12 charges of indecently assaulting four girls over nearly 20 years from 1968. Edward Baran reports. Subscribe: .


  1. No way should Rolf be given a custodial sentence. The man is a genius one
    the most original and talented all round entertainers we have had in the
    last 100 years. Not only that he’s a bloody good artist. His genius should
    warrant him with a pardon. After all, he didn’t do anyone any real harm.

  2. Now I understand the lyrics to “Two little boys with two little toys” all
    makes sense now, dirty old codger. 

  3. Tie Me Little Girls Down Sport Tie Me Little Girls Down
    I`ll Pull Me Little Girls Knickers Down I`ll Pull Them All The Way Down
    My Didgeridoo Inside Those Girls My Didgeridoo Is Inside
    Those Little Girls I`ve Fucked So Hard I Fucked Them Really Hard

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