Elections in Kabul (Dispatch 2)

Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News The final round of Afghanistan’s presidential elections took place with a relatively low death toll — a quiet kind of victory…


  1. What is stopping a car blowing up at the checkpoint and then another car
    with explosives driving past the blown up checkpoint?

  2. I don’t understand these idiots talking about how only the Mongols invaded
    Afghanistan and won and shit lol, You do realize Afghanistan didn’t exist
    during the mongol invasion you fucking idiots.. You are talking about the
    Khwarazmian dynasty which was half of modern day Afghanistan, You have a
    thing called the Mughal empire as well if you didn’t know lol. Afghanistan
    was unofficially started in around the 1700s and ruled by a king, then you
    had the Durrani Empire which the Mughals seceded to the Afghan army and you
    had that, Which is known as the last Afghan Empire which controlled all of
    modern day Pakistan, and even parts of Iran. They even sacked Delhi and
    made the Mughals demand they acknowledge that they will now own all these
    area’s. The man who created the foundation of Afghanistan is called Ahmad
    Shah look him up. Cause you people suck at fucking History lol. Later
    passed on to his son, Then it all went south when Britain started
    colonizing India, imperialism, They lost control of Pakistan due to Ahmad
    Shah pulling bullshit with the Sikhs and over time the rebellions growing.
    Then the death blow was the Soviet’s and American Influencing and
    eventually wars.

    They even made attempts to attack fucking China but due to his wars in
    Modern day India they didn’t get much support due to barley any cash in the
    treasury left (Probably the best thing that ever happened to them They
    would of been massacred by the Qing Dynasty lol)

    Afghanistan was made from rebel’s and turned into the 2nd largest Islamic
    state beside the Ottomans in that time they beat back everyone and never
    been conquered by the Mongols so you guy’s are way off with your
    timeline’s. Khwaraz was a whole different thing, Mughals were a whole
    different thing. Afghanistan is basically responsible for pushing the
    Mughals back though and making that side of the world there bitch yes. Also
    the soviet’s were the worst thing to ever happen to them resulting in a
    million+ deaths, The American war statistically not really a big deal lol.
    That is all though go Google this if you want i learned this shit a while
    ago and sorry if messed some things up but you have the power of knowledge
    at your hand don’t take my word for it.

  3. Afghanistan would be better off without a centralized government, after all
    democracy is when two wolves and a sheep vote on what’s for dinner and most
    of it’s tribes are fiercely independent and would not hold well under the
    boot of a cleptocratic regime

  4. I am amazed at how smart and well educated these people are. Man, that just
    goes to show that Europeans don’t know anything about the rest of the

  5. God bless Afghanistan!
    -Thank you Vice for this wonderful coverage of the Afghan elections in my
    home country, most mainstream media wont cover it like you do… thank
    you!! :)

  6. For the first time i have hope for the Afghans. Hoping that they continue
    to make progress post ISAF!

  7. It’s these videos that make me really believe the Kremlin has an army of
    trolls because they ONLY ever post on videos about Russia/Ukraine but I
    don’t see their bullshit on any of these other videos.

  8. 5:55 It sounds like she just came out of my high school in Indiana. I
    didn’t know people have Afghanistan were that nice and intelligent. Then
    again after 13 years of my government telling me they are all “insurgents”
    it kindas dehumanized them to me.

  9. People there seem quite intellegent. Love their culture, even the kids are
    as mature as the adults. crazy.

  10. Yes and this is just Kabul mostly middle class and upper class people, Now
    go to Kandahar lol. I love seeing these people progress but of course the
    capital is fine…You see it go from upper class and middle class to mud
    houses and farmers and opium all in a couple hours drive. It’s crazy and
    that’s why the Taliban are pissed off. How could they not be?

  11. All these dispatches really show is that Kabul is doing relatively well. I
    guess the Vice reporters don’t have the courage to leave the relative
    safety of Kabul.

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