Eighth Republican Presidential Debate In A Minute

Under Chris Christie’s governorship of New Jersey and they’ve been downgraded nine times in their credit rating. That’s what Washington DC to us. The drive by shot at the beginning with the incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorize 25 seconds speeds I’d like to see more millionaires. I think we need to grow more millionaires we needed greater prosperity. Deciding what people can rise up. I would bring back portable. And that bring back a hell of a lot worse than what reported. On days. I will rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional. Executive action Barack Obama has done. This unit was picked up a lot of times you’ll have. He’ll have an and it doesn’t work very well I’ll tell visit. Property rather elderly woman that got quiet felt a lot of we have to solve problems in America by coming together Republicans and Democrats Americans first want to say something about this. We will not you’re just as beauty who.

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