Ebola-Obama Link Might Be The Craziest Right Wing Theory Ever

“Dr. Keith Ablow’s latest column for Fox News is entitled, “Ebola outbreak: Why Obama is allowing Ebolaphobia to spread.” Before we get into the guts of his poorly formed arguments, it…


  1. It’s times like this that I miss Glenn Beck. Just imagine the kooky
    chalkboard diagram that would link all three. The link between Obama, ISIS,
    and Ebola would probably include ancient aliens, twinkies, and the tilt of
    the Earth’s axis.

  2. NO! Mecixans brought Ebola here because they cross the border and get it
    from there blak friends because most mec have blak friends? :/

  3. Dr Ablow, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, these are the
    special analyst contributors of Faux news. Who’s in your wallet?

  4. Ebola, if it spreads, will stop flights all around the world on its own.
    Just look at what happens when airports have lax attitudes towards it and
    the employees strike. Especially if it goes airborne. You think the pilots
    will go to work if an ebola outbreak happens? Risking themselves on every
    flight? You guys think checkers, while the world is like chess.

  5. both the far right and the far left are completely retarded.
    your binary political system is an insanely stupid illusion.

  6. If you think this is the craziest shit ever, you’ve been living under a
    rock for the vast majority of your life ._.

  7. Ebola would be easy to contain is a modern society, it’s a fairly
    rudimentary transmission disease. Problem is most of Africa is a giant
    shithole with no modern infrastructure, many areas do not even have clean

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