Ebola ‘Czar’ Named But Can He Cure Republican Hate?

“Amid mounting pressure to name someone to spearhead the administration’s response to the Ebola crisis, President Obama announced today that he plans to appoint Ron Klain, Vice President Joe…


  1. Another stupid idiotic beyond stupid video by TYT… Seriously WE DO NOT
    GIVE A FLYING FUCK. Your garbage shit channel consists of these two
    show consists of. If you did your FUCKING reseach, you would fucking know
    that Obama has not done enough to curb ebola, for fuck sakes SHUT DOWN ALL
    FLIGHTS TO THOSE COUNTRIES how fucking hard is that??? 

  2. “Ebola Czar” is not an official title. people in these comments will do
    anything to make Obama sound like a communist

  3. It’s a pretty shit society when you have Czars to begin with.
    How about a minister for gun-violence prevention?
    Gun violence claims 80 plus Americans every day, and here Americans are
    shitting themselves over Ebola that’s claimed a couple of Americans.
    USA: Less enlightened, more ignorant and fear-ridden every single day.

  4. Why are they called Czars, and why are people so hostile to them in the US?
    We call them ministers, and we have no real problem with them.

  5. Private healthcare = the only research they make is how to make more money
    Public healthcare = research for actually real diseases and is free .

  6. Wait,why isn’t terrorist infecting themselves to infect us a
    threat,according to TYT?It’s not like terrorist aren’t afraid of dying.

  7. @6:06 Nope..your right…but i do remember the democrats saying that…both
    sides lost total credibility because there is no consistency with

  8. You made fun of the previous homeland security head in charge of Ebola for
    not having a medical background, then you say it is fine if Obama appoints
    someone with no medical background.

  9. He hired someone with no medical knowledge purely to lessen what the public
    knows…he’s only making things worse!

  10. These video titles are alarming to me. They bash a specific party, while
    praising another. Be fair, young Turks, it’s sickening.

  11. The Young Turds should be ashamed of themselves for how divisive they are
    and how ideological they are. The don’t want to discuss they want to argue
    and that is a shame. I would never talk about people the way they do
    especially about someone they never met. We need to come together. Our
    first Republican president and the greatest president the US ever had said,
    “A house divided cannot stand.” People like The Young Turds are tearing us
    apart. We have had great republican presidents and great democratic
    presidents. Great republican control of congress and great democratic
    control of congress. Vote for a persons character not for a persons
    ideology. It’s a shame how ideological The Young Turds are. The people are
    to blame for the faults of the problems in any democracy not a political
    party. People like The Young Turds are among the ones to blame. It really
    is sad how partisan they are. 

  12. Shouldn’t there be some fucking surgeons, infectious disease specialists as
    a fucking leader….not a half assed lawyer wanna-be who feeds at the hands
    of other assholes and has no idea about the scientific knowledge required
    to correlate resources properly as he 100000000% lacks the
    knowledge….fucking idiots, go team AMERICA

  13. I’m a non-white & Atheist male, but damn! The way you guys generalize
    Republicans and “Conservatives” in your shows, if someone else did even
    one-tenth of the generalizing of Muslims that you do of Republicans, you
    hypocritical cretins would lose your already empty minds. Oh wait, you have
    lost it!

  14. What really sucks about Obama, is that he always seem to be ‘reacting’ to a
    crisis or criticism. He’s only active after he’s criticized for in action.
    No wonder he’s easy to manipulate. 

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