Eastern Ukrainians Shoot Down Military Chopper and Kill 14 Soldiers!

Fourteen Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in a helicopter crash near the city of Slavyansk in the Donetsk Region, according to the acting president of Ukraine, Aleksandr Turchinov. Anti-governm…


  1. I made a video about this guy the other day. He is a closet Jew. His
    father was jew and he took his wifes (not jew) last name instead of keeping
    his jew last name. Its on my channel if anyone wants to see it.

    Thank you dahboo!

  2. Check out Venezuela. Militarized police on motorcycles shooting unarmed
    people in the streets. 

  3. Yeah the new president acts identical to the last one . People are tired of
    american style elections .Were you basically vote for a bunch of the same
    family members .And the same bullshit goes on forever . 

  4. They will never attack pipe. That will put negative spin on this in EU
    perspective that depends on that pipe (unless they somehow blame Russia for
    that). They want to provoke Russia’s intervention so they can impose real
    sanctions. USA has been trying to break up economic ties between EU and
    Russia for long time… This is their best effort so far. And Merkel is
    being spoon fed and told to regurgitate USA’s bull on every EU and UN
    announcement since they are also colony of USA..

    Russia wont enter into Ukraine with their forces. If they ever do, they
    will never go all the way to Kiev because there is no point. It will
    simply promote more anti-Russian sentiment and war that will make
    Afghanistan look like a joke since USA will be force-feeding Ukrainian
    nationalists with weapons and money even more then they do now. That
    should have been done 20 years ago, before new generation of Ukrainian kids
    grew up with school system feeding them fake history version of eternal
    Russian torment of Ukraine. Right now, Central/Western Ukraine majority of
    young people hate Russia with passion and they are ready to kill and burn
    others for their country like they have proven already. 

  5. It’s quite simple. If you believe that 911 was an inside job, then you
    have to believe in NWO. Shit, Bush SR. said it clearly in his speech years
    ago. This is just another step, yet a BIG one to succeed in this very plan.
    Why else would the USA outspend, and out build a military with over 700
    bases around the world? To give flowers to poor people? Wake the fuck up
    and at least understand what is happening. It is clear to see if you open
    your fucking eyes and mind. Neo took the red pill……….most take the
    blue one…..but taking the blue one is a lazy pathetic choice. Then again,
    so is your pathetic life with you being a slave to your job, slave to your
    lack of freedom, slave to your football and keeping up with the Jones’s.

  6. I know not one country that has not done terrible things for the sake of
    money and to strengthen their economy not one,because the game is the same
    around the world it matters not who gets into power or how peaceful and
    loving they are ,every country needs resources to operate and to get it
    free or at the very lowest price for the people of that country and to make
    this happen other weaker countries will have to suffer and the people lose
    so we can have all our luxuries in life that we take for granted.most
    resources are in third world countries with corrupted leaders and protected
    by the powers to be.we are all guilty of this because we buy all the
    products and then complain about the world and all it’s problems when we
    support the whole operation because we need all the products and we love
    making money to buy the finer things in life.i myself I’m not ready to take
    away my children’s Nintendo iPad TV my vehicles or make less money or pay
    more for gasoline or food and water are you ready to give all the finer
    things up for the sake of another country are you???? I think not.we all
    are the problem if you want to call it a problem.

  7. Talks wont work joost! violence is unfortunately the only answer to fight
    the zionist govt in kiev!

  8. Nice video.
    I’ve heard both yours and another version about the helicopter case.
    After reading and comparing articles noticed it was true about the friendly

    Yeah, the pipeline will be the key factor here.

  9. They go by “divide and conquer”… it still works 🙁

    You are so right on this Dahboo! Great report!

  10. If Russia will jump into this, it will be a perfect reason for ukrainian
    government to call NATO for help. And it will be beginning of WW3 on
    ukrainian territory. So eastern ukrainians have to deal with their problems
    by themselves. And they are doing very good… At least for now.

  11. I can’t wait for the list Greenwald is releasing from Snowden’s leaks to
    show who is being spied on in USA. (NO wonder it is such a huge
    document,,,,probably 75% of americans are on the list (225 million of us).

  12. Both sides..the west and russia are both involved of stirring the pot,and
    playing the age old game of divide and conquer…different puppets..same

  13. “Humanitarian aid will be given to them (DPR) for sure, but I can’t say
    anything about military aid. The military should be asked about that,”

  14. all depends on june 3-7.
    if ukraine pays up, all’s good otherwise whining wont help them.
    poroshenko has made it clear he prefers war over diplomacy, what had got to
    lose. is in the bill’s club. so goes on asking for DIRECT military aid from
    none other than U.S. just like poland did while massacring germans who
    sought to join germany legally.
    russia has started humanitarian aid to DPR. guess what comes next.
    thus, it is going to happen.

  15. wow, welcome to the real world. 2 points of knowledge, history repeats it
    self and
    the winners write history.

  16. It’s going Moscow’s way, the Kiev Corp Fascist Zionists are being exposed
    for what they are. Putin won’t step in unless a referendum to join Russia
    is past like in Crimea , his hands are tired IMHO.
    I think NATO shall step in soon, after Moscow fails in the UN again, due to
    continual security council blockage.
    This shall get the US in there and in place to get hit by a false flag
    event for WWIII. I’d imagine the event shall happen the afternoon of the
    day the market falls off a cliff. Blame Russia! 🙁 Destroy all, then get
    the CorpFasZionist NWO going.. 

  17. Oh you report this, but not the 50+ TERRORISTS that died fighting for
    PUTLER? Nice job Dahboo, you might as well move to Russia if you’re on
    their side, and leave America. Plus RT IS A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT propaganda.
    You must be a moron if you believe this. Those Chechens/Russian idiots that
    come to Ukraine to fight us, will go back in caskets. Putin actually said
    he wants us to send the dead bodied back! LOL. And you say their is no
    Russian mercenaries in Ukraine, Why not report this? OH, i forgot, you are
    one of the thousands of SHEEPLE that RT brainwashe you.

  18. Poroshenko has already been implicated in a few scandals involving the
    Yanakovitch government, they got rid of one crook and replaced him with
    another…..thats politics, almost everywhere. And as they are targeting a
    particular ethnic/cultural group with military action it is the definition
    of Genocide….and we in the west are fine with it….this has to show
    people that government DOESN”T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SAFETY, government
    cares about its own continuance and little more.

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