Earthquake Hits Chile, 8.2 Magnitude

A massive 8.2 earthquake struck chile late tuesday evening. Buy some awesomeness for yourself! Our Sourc…


  1. man thats nuts, well done on reporting the news SF =) always appreciate how
    you guys take serious situations like this

  2. MARTIAL LAW….Chili recently had protests. Natural Disaster possibly made
    by HARRP, in order to bring the protesters make down to their calmness
    with the addition of a shoot to kill order? maybe

  3. I once commented on the fact how Sourcefed seems to be sincere only if a
    serious issue is about the US, I’m happy that they have since changed.
    Thank you to all the members of the team.

  4. Thank God’s holly butthole, a tsunami would’ve been devastating. We need to
    invent some tsunami force fields pronto.

    (Im on it!)

  5. did lee get a boyfriend or something cause she’s been lookin fiiiiiiine
    lately. oh and big earthquake bad.

  6. I’ma a little disappointed that I haven’t seen a Sourcefed video covering
    the Oso, Washington landslide. I might have missed it though. It is now
    the official worst natural disaster in Washington State history. It even
    surpassed Mt St. Helens’s.

  7. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! But yeah, kinda lucked out there. Hummmm. Good to
    know the motherland came away more or less unscathed.

  8. I find it amazing, as a chilean woman, that this kind of earthquake pretty
    much anywhere else (except for japan and and a couple other countries)
    raise chaos, destruction and thousands of deaths.

    We somehow always manage to not loose a whole lot. Except for supermarkets,
    cause our people seize looting opportunities way too fast. 

  9. It’s a real shame that the Chilean infrastructure is continually devastated
    by earthquakes when it is clear that it is a zone of severe tectonic
    activity and measures can be taken to… Alright now that they’ve lost
    interest, is it just me or is Lee’s shirt a little see through?

  10. Maybe that is why there were only 6 dead. There was the earthquake a couple
    years ago so people got the heck out of there.

  11. Seems to me like this is a good story. Chile handled everything well, and
    the death toll was very slight. Still sad, but all in all it could have
    been WAY worse

  12. Elliott, you are going to be missed as a SourceFed host.
    Best of luck for the future, and thank you for the past 2+ years!

  13. Lee you are better than Todd Glass. Why would you work with him?… oh yeah
    earthquake is bad hope they recover quickly. Lee you rock. 

  14. As a chilean, i’d just like to thank sourcefed for sharing the news in a
    good way 🙂 and i’d just like to add that the chilean people saw it coming
    since that zone had been having “shakes” for a week or so…

  15. This is, of course, a terrible thing that happened, but it sounds like it
    was handled extremely well. Props to the Chilean government.

  16. im sorry to correct you lee, but im chilean and the earthquake of 2010 was
    a 8.8 on the ritcher scale (sorry for my english)

  17. i swear, we have had been having a lot of earthquakes, something epic
    better happen like an Alien invasion that will be a plot twist to our

  18. I predicted this last Thursday at work and told two people about it, but
    once again they didnt believe me when i told them, not the first time, oh

  19. I’m from Chile and at the moment everything it’s ok
    And just a correction: the earthaquake of 2010 was of 8.8

  20. Thanks to the Sourcefed team to report on such devastating news. As a
    chilean and a long time subscriber I really appreciate the concern.

  21. Hey Sourcefed what happend to truth or dare?
    I have a truth and a dare for you guys/girls.
    Truth: Why aren’t you guys/girls bringing it back?
    Dare: Bring back Truth and Dare.

  22. well earthquake hit japan then chillie
    the ring of fire is going in a circle of earthquakes 😉 guess what LA your

  23. Huh

    Sourcefed usually mutes the outro sequence’s cheerful lingo at the end of
    videos that are sad or tragic

    They left it in this time

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