Drug Smuggling Drone Crashes in Parking Lot!

A quad-copter drone crashed in a supermarket parking lot carrying over 6 pounds of meth! Buy some awesomeness for yourself! http://www.forhumanpeoples.com/collections/sourcefed Our…


  1. Well, clearly, if the drug smugglers can afford drones and the resources to
    build lighted and ventilated tunnels… they’ve making crap tons of money.

    Hrmmm… how can they be making so much money???


  2. Looks like that Parking Lot just became a Party Lot!
    *Badumm Tss*
    In all seriousness, Don’t do drugs, kids. It can have a toll on you,
    physically and mentally. Drugs can ruin your life. Say No To Drugs.
    Well, I covered both sides of that, successfully. All in a good days work. 

  3. In Polk County, Florida the County Sheriff is trying to get drones banned
    in the state because of this. He also wants to keep pot illegal in the
    state as well. 

  4. This was right by my work. I literally (with the truest use of the word)
    park 200 feet from the border. I could jump over to Mexico if I wanted. And
    could jump really high. Which I can’t. Nor want to. 

  5. SPOILER ALERT!!! End of Breaking Bad will be referenced in this comment!!
    You should have seen it by now though.

    You thought Walter White was dead? Well, you’re god man wrong. A mere
    gunshot wound could not take Heisenberg down. They took him to the
    hospital, he survived. While he recuperated, preparing to go to jail
    forever, he planned an escape. Long story short, he blew up another fucking
    hospital with some chemicals and shit, he got away. Now he’s back in the
    Empire Business. Using the latest drone technology to deliver is pure )baby
    blue) meth across the country. Some idiot put too much meth in one drone
    and they lost it. That idiot is dead now…..
    I’m not Vince Gilligan, anything I write can never be as good as that
    masterpiece of a show.

  6. You know there was a toothless guy that day who got REAL excited. There
    always is.

    Wait, you mean that just my 6th birthday party? Really? You sure it doesn’t
    happen, like, you know, all the time?

  7. Walter White makes a drug drone, but overloads it with drugs. Watch this
    week’s episode to find out how it ended up in a car park in BREAKING DOWN.

  8. Hank thought he finally caught a break when he received a text from a C.I.
    known as “Terminator” with details of a major drug buy. Hank and his DEA
    buddies headed to the location but what they found wasn’t what they
    expected. They heard a low hum in the distance which quickly grew into a
    loud buzz but where was it coming from? At that moment oil dropped on Hanks
    shoulder causing him to look up, that’s when he saw it Arnold
    Schwarzeneggers severed head, half Droid half man sitting atop a drone.

  9. Imagine the Amazon drone getting struck down by lightning while carrying
    your package.

    That would be equally as stupid. 

  10. Its slowly turning in to the world of *Almost Human*. The criminal worlds
    just going to keep up with the scientific advancements.
    They’ve already made electromagneticly self guiding bullets from that show
    now to.

  11. Wow. I totally have a use now for the mostly built drone in my closet.
    THANKS SOURCEFED! I can always count on you guys for drug tips and

  12. Once upon a time, there was a drone with meth, and Walter White had
    something to do with it, because he’d in the drug show, great story right?
    I’ve never watched breaking bad.

  13. If I was a dealer I would use drones to sell it while I sit comfortable at
    a roof top with binoculars watching everything and if they tried to take it
    without paying I’ll shoot them with a Sniper right on the ass. 

  14. 1938:
    “It’s a bird!”
    “It’s a plane!”
    “It’s… Superman!”

    “Is that a drone?”
    “Yeah, it’s probably a drone.”

  15. best story ever: A guy in his undies stands outside, bald head shimmering
    in the moonight, booty so voluptuous. He gazed into the midnight sky, eyes
    sparkling with the ghosts of regret. He slowly turned his head, a buzzing
    noise in the not to far distance. Maybe it was the cops? no! He was hidden
    from them..he was fine! But little did he now that a over loaded meth drone
    was hurdling down right towards his bald glistening eagle head. As he fell
    to the ground, meth everywhere, smooth jazz played in the backround. His
    eyes closing into a forever slumber.

  16. Bashor sounds the same as “bæsjer”, which is Norwegian for “pooping” or
    “pieces of poop”
    Nice name ye got there.

  17. Walt is still alive living in Juarez. He is trying to get his product back
    across the border for a deal when it is shot out of the sky by a shotgun.
    Walt pans the camera around on the drone to reveal Jesse holding the
    shotgun closing in on the package full of blue meth. 

  18. well when you got ninjas on the roof and charlie in the trees how else are
    you going to get your drugs out of your house.. duh..

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