Dr. Warns Ebola Endgame Could be Medical Martial Law

When flu season hits, people are going to be coming into the hospital for flu or Ebola, they’re not going to know what they have….it’s going to be a nightmare, every doctor I’ve…


  1. Halloween is demonic and pagan….Will Halloween help to spread the disease?

    Our children eating candy handed out by complete strangers, is that a good

    Is this stupid celebration of paganism still necessary? 

  2. hey your going down the path of CNN, all you do is is report Ebola. i
    havent watched nothing of yours in weeks cuz all you put out is EBOLA.
    sad stuff!

  3. What a load of BS, he is shamelessly pushing and selling his silver grab
    wonder medicine, and he just keep on repeating about flight restrictions
    from West Africa to around the world, there might be few, but no European
    countries for example have restrictions from Africa, maybe stricter health
    condition screening for incoming flights from Africa 

  4. Dr Lurie (who is responsible for handling pandemic responses) at the
    hearing quoted as saying, “There is not a need for a domestic response –
    there is a global response”. Whaaaat? I can’t post anymore on this,, I
    hope you guys at Infowars dissect this, this is outrageous. 


  6. Boom!!! Alex pitches his colloidal silver. It will cure Ebola!!! Yeah
    fucking right. You see how twisted that is to do all this reporting on
    Ebola and then pitch a product that has no research on curing Ebola. What a
    scam artist!!

  7. I apperciate you doing research and telling people whats going on,but
    Alex..bro…Why dont you take turns talking buddy,lol.. I know you love to
    talk,but I wanted to hear what the other guy had to say and you were
    talking right over him,lol… Did that in the last video too. We all know
    your feelings on this,but if your going to bring people on your show,tape
    your mouth shut until its your turn to talk,lol.. God bless and much love!!

  8. Just stated by Mr Issa at ebola hearing: Mr Klaine (ebola czar) and WHO
    rep were asked to attend the hearing. They are NOT in attendence. Ebola
    Czar response: “we don’t do congressional hearings”. What a F*^%ing nerve
    of these people. 

  9. Listening to live ebola hearings on CSPAN2, and my goodness… what a
    vacuum of brain cells going on there. It’s been testified that quarantines
    of those coming from infected hot zones would be COUNTERproductive (words
    from Dr Lurie). 

  10. Are you aware Texas is reopening a deserted hospital North of Dallas in a
    town called Richardson, just south of Little Elm, Texas…. If there are
    just a few cases WHY would TEXAS go to the expense of reopening an entire
    hospital dedicated to Ebola?

  11. ebola may otherwise touching a surface that was touched by someone with
    ebola and how long the virus survives in an area?

  12. 3:41
    The time to panic for “The Majority” is when someone they know has it. But
    interesting fact…they will block it out of thier mind like shock syndrome
    and will soon forget that that person was even thier friend at all.

  13. The oligodynamic effect (Greek: oligos = few, Greek: dynamis = force) was
    discovered in 1893 by the Swiss Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli as a toxic effect
    of metal ions on living cells, algae, molds, spores, fungi, viruses,
    prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms, even in relatively low
    concentrations. This antimicrobial effect is shown by ions of mercury,
    silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, bismuth, gold, aluminium, and other
    metals. Viruses in general are not very sensitive to this effect. This
    disparity suggests that the mechanisms exerting the most influence over
    toxicity are interfering with metabolism, since viruses are not considered
    to be metabolically active outside a host.

  14. Alex Jones, I watch your shows and we need more people to stand up for the
    truth. The greatest deception is yet to come. The anti-Christ is rising and
    getting more and more space. Please read the book “The Great Controversy”
    by Ellen G. White.
    We are living in the end of the end times. Read revelation and the book of
    Daniel. God sent us a message thousands of years ago about the New world
    order and one world religion. This message must be given to the whole world
    before is too late!

  15. This is an all-time low for Jones! Go look at this guys address on Google
    maps. It’s a group of construction trailers on some country road in the
    middle of nowhere! Then he just CONVENIENTLY brings up colloidal silver as
    a cure for Ebola ( which is absolutely bullshit) which Alex just
    CONVENIENTLY happens to sell… “Get some colloidal silver, its the only
    thing I know that’s gonna help you…” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????
    Alex you piece of shit! Was it your fat Jew wife and her convicted
    fraudster father that put you up to this??? 

  16. Infowars,why are you spreading this Ebola hoax? I thought you would have
    learned after previous “pandemic” hoaxes…..Swine Flu,Bird Flu & SARS.

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