Down Syndrome Baby Swims To Help Heal The Hole in His Heart ft. Gina Darling & David So

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  1. 1:45 Fuckin David. I know whatever you were thinking must have been funny
    as hell. I see you holding back your laugh. :D

  2. There was a kid with Down syndrome that went to my elementary (and middle)
    school. He use to be happy, but eventually he was influenced by the popular
    kids and began to do a lot of shit because these fuckers told him to. He
    started rebelling, cussing, even started to sexually harassing girls. Does
    he know what he’s doing? I don’t know but he was never happy after
    elementary. I remember he use to love his mother, teachers, and helpers.
    Once he started to throw his food at his helper in 7th grade. His poor
    mother. When the staffs found out he was sexually harassing girls, his
    mother was in such distress. She came to each one of us girls and
    apologized to us. A single mom to be hated by her own son. He once told his
    mom to “shut up” and stormed off. I went to summer school to get some extra
    credit last year (because I went to another high school within the
    district) and I saw him once. He looks angrier than before. Walked around
    with the deepest frown I’ve ever seen. 

  3. Wow you fuckers are so naive about retards lol. They’re assholes to deal
    with especially when you send them to school and they annoy other students
    and ALWAYS get away with shit. They KNOW they can get away with bad or
    inappropriate behavior, they play the tard card. I know of a lady that
    cares for downsy pricks and she admits that they are aware of everything
    they do and they’re difficult to take care of. You honestly can’t tell me
    that a couple having a child who find out before it’s birth that their
    child has downsy that they don’t think in their heads “oh no…” Of course
    on the surface they’re gonna say shit like “It’s ok… we’ll love little
    Rolly Hei Hei because he’s still ours”… Yeah right, you’re fucking stuck
    with a uselss piece of handicap shit.

  4. I believe they’re happy because of the lack of perception there is. If
    you’ve noticed some traumatizing shit in your life it begins to a skew your
    reality like you would believe the world hates you because you’ve been
    raped it’s good that they’re happy though I wouldn’t want to that every
    other minute in the world someone dies and stuff like or that everything
    and anything around you can in fact kill you in some way ya know? 

  5. I would have appreciated one of those mean people in the theater that one
    time. It was a midnight showing of Fast and Furious 6 like right after the
    release. This entire family went to watch it. Entire family as in bored old
    people, running toddlers, and a crying baby included.

  6. Wtf is wrong with David? This guy has got anger issue. Let’s see you hit a
    child and see how far you can get away with it. And no, he’s not kidding.
    Do not let your child near David. Wtf does this guy swear every other word

  7. Haha! I keep replaying the last bit of the video xD I love Gina’s and tif’s
    expression! Their priceless 😀 

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