‘Donald Trump: The Apprentice President?’ Clip 2

Watch the full doc here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/donaldtrump
Since announcing his candidacy, Donald Trump is everywhere. To him, it seems that nothing is taboo and no policy is too outlandish to embrace. Somehow, this billionaire candidate has become the champion of ordinary America, who travel for hundred of miles to see him.
To understand this phenomenon, we followed his campaign across the country for 200 days. In the beginning, he met his supporters in small rooms and the media was often absent. But quickly, he started packing rallies and the ‘Trump Show’ developed. On stage, he provoked immigrants and Muslims, women and minorities. But behind the scenes, he was tightly managing a slick media campaign and shutting out journalists.
We go behind the image and talk to his childhood friends and billionaire buddies, as well as his critics and those who have had the experience of working with him. What would a Trump Presidency be like?

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