1. Poor lady Pelosi. She is to ill to remember that meeting..Lets face it ,she still thinks Bush is president

  2. Jeff Sessions should have some special built hanging gallows made and have them on stand by for these traitorous DemocRAT POS ! Of course, for use after the televised Treason Trials and guilty verdicts announced.

  3. Come on guys and gals …. why in Nancy Pelosi still drawing a paycheck with full benefits and pension on the back of the tax payer …. I`m  thinking that she has her bosses in compromising positions … for instance …. possibly she has a picture of Michael ( opps I mean Michelle  ) with her / his pants pulled down with Barack kneeling in front of him / her ….. or maybe she has a pic of Hillary on her knees in front of Huma Abedin …. or maybe even a pic of Bill Clinton cross dressing …. It just has to be something like this … what other excuse could there be when it comes to Nancy Pelosi in any government position ….. Does any one out there agree with me.

  4. Enough of the right always being on the defense,,
    Time to start going offensive and pounding on the REAL party of corruption!
    Capitate the leaders in the house and senate, turtle head & lyin ryan get more people with some cahonas !

  5. I'm afraid for Trump this all stuff makes me nervous I'm so glad he's president there's no way anyone could put up with all this

  6. Trump tells the world last year that he doesn't want the world laughing at the US. Well Mr Trump and his supporters, we are laughing, laughing at you. You demented thug.

  7. Nancy has dementia. She probably doesn't remember a lot!! She still thinks that Bush is President!! She needs to retire, like yesterday!!! Washington is turning into a free-for-all.

  8. Put the massive amount of Christains in the nut farm. We could have politics, if we just got rid of God shit stupid people… we don't need Christianities rituals and chants. It's fuckin stupid. God is not magical, your god is gods and there Technology. Grow up and listen to the archeologists, listen to science, engineering, and leave to freak show at the fun house called church.. there is no god in politics. There is no racist, bigots in politics.. there's just Christain Nazis, that hate what they refuse to understand…

  9. I am so glad! Is time to investigate each of those Democrats, Congressman, and put them in their place…

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