Donald Trump Jr defends Russia meeting

Donald Trump Jr defends Russia meeting

US President Donald Trump’s oldest son has defended himself over a meeting he had during last year’s election campaign.

Donald Trump Jr defends Russia meeting

Emails released by Donald Trump Junior show he embraced an offer to be provided with damaging information about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Washington DC.

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  1. I find it funny how all these "liberals" in the US right now are supporting a party that claims to be a voice for change, tolerance, and better rights for people, but yet all I see online, and hear in public from them are hate filled comments that chide anyone who doesn't drink the same Kool-Aid that they're fed.

    – an independent

  2. Brace youself, Trumptards are leaving their caves in cnn youtube channel and they are coming to Aljazeera

  3. Boring, boring, boring non relevant non news.  So what!  The Trumps (all of them) are absolutely brilliant.  Leave them alone and they will deliver on each and every campaign item.  Enough with the Demonic Democrats. Enough.

  4. doesn't matter if they broke the law here. They lied about it. It's the lying that's worse. They said they never met with anyone. And now they are saying they did but so what.

    Everyone cares about what the lying was about and no one cares that it's lying and sometimes under oath too!

  5. Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire – Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton.
    Cybersecurity Firm That Attributed DNC Hacks to Russia May Have Fabricated Russia Hacking in Ukraine

  6. I love how all AJ does is undermine the west no matter what. It's crystal clear what they're doing, it's an attempt to destroy stability in the west. I am very pleased with what Saudi Arabia is attempting to do, because Saudi Arabia atleast doesn't actively try to destroy the West like the Qatari, Iranian, and Turkish governments do.

  7. So, let me figure out the logic here… If we are "Making America Great Again," I assume this implies that we are going back to the 1950's when our economic strength and global sphere of political influence were at its peak. Using that analogy, any dealings with Russia at all would have had the president impeached by now. 😉

  8. F!!k Trump and his family, no one in his right mind would go to foreign goverment to get information about his opponents, this is considered treason in the rest of world, americans became too soft on their politicians

  9. Al Jazeera is the Islamist propaganda arm of the terror funding Qatari regime. Why does anyone even watch this shot?

  10. Im just a confused soul so go ez on me, but what is wrong with trump trying to "buy" incriminating info against Clinton, isnt that how the game is played. For example videos like the one which trump described as "locker room talk", wasnt that INCRIMINATING video that was released inorder to make people dislike trump?… besides, lets say trump did collab with russia so he could get "incriminating" info on Clinton, what is wrong with that, off my head but i dont think there is a law saying that's illegal

  11. familia de perros traidores no tienen dignidad solo la ambición los mueve andan desesperados por el dinero cmo si en el infierno hubiera mucho que comprar pendejos!

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