Donald Trump Jr. defends his meeting with Russian lawyer

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” on July 11 to defend meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign, after she promised him damaging information about Hillary Clinton.


  1. CRASH AND BURN. Just a matter of time. Donald Trump purpose for running for president was to exploit the presidency for his businesses. There is something about the Russian sanctions that is hurting his businesses and he wants to change the policies. That's why he is so far up the Russians asses.

  2. "I applaud his transparency." The only thing transparent about him is his teeth, and he's lying through them.

  3. spirit cooking Satanist DNC and PEDO podesta and the crooked dems can't stand it, trying to make something out of nothing to cover their ass, remember when Hillary said after that one debate on a hot mike," you idiots! if he wins we all hang" and yes Cheryl Mills sacrifices chickens to Moloch LOL Susan Rice is a habitual liar, illegally unmasking, all the top DEMS enjoy their spirit cooking, don't ya know. guess half the country truly is evil, the democrat half, they don't even care that they elected a fraudulent President Barry Soetoro the first half white half black Kenyan or precious rapist Billy boy Clinton who conveniently met with Lyin Loretta the day before Comey said yeah Hillary lied to Congress broke federal law but hmmm no charges, freaking hilarious and sad.

  4. and he had a Russian toy soldier when he was 3 years old,,, the Dems are not worth his time responding to,,

  5. Russia salutes the Trumps they are making that country great again фгхккллв ајде фискална сметка на тоа дека не треба мафија во дека ќе биде ходникот на крајот And all this time I thought America was the scourge of the Planet that created vermin.. I stand corrected…

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