DOJ: Police shouldn’t need warrants to search cell phones

The Department of Justice is seeking permission from the Supreme Court to allow warrantless access to the contents of cell phones. Expressing concern over the growing ability to remotely wipe…


  1. And if you have remote desktop software on your phone, they can search your
    home computer, too! ‘Murica is getting better all the time!

  2. In more accurate terms, they want a way to erase captured video of them
    behaving baddly so you can’t prove that they violated every personal right
    you have!

  3. The cops are already gathering info off peoples phones when they get
    arrested. All the have to do is put it in airplane mode and that will stop
    all outside traffic from killing the phone. Even if you turn it off it will
    still boot up offline. 

  4. This is not for everyone but should be for the majority….If you’re not in
    the progress of making plans to leave the States….you never now when it
    might be to late…and I’m not talking about NWO….but instead of the epic
    delusional state of people no matter how low the living standards go around
    them…just wanted to remind some that life has many choices….Cheers 

  5. Fucking pigs …. Yet I bet if it was the other way around and some pig or
    politician was arrested , they would shit bricks and raise hell if anyone
    tried to go thru their phone. My wife knows what’s up — she has my
    password and knows to wipe my phone if I ever get arrested . Fuck the
    police state . 

  6. DOJ should read the Constitution. Maybe even follow it. That doesn’t make
    me an extremist, it makes me an American.

  7. we seem to have some rights when at home… but if your outside driving a
    car, they can search it without a warrant, or if walking the street, maybe
    have a pat down, and if u carry a loaded phone outside good chance they
    will search it also.. 

  8. This takes even more of our rights of privacy away. Its bullshit I don’t do
    anything to be in trouble but that doesn’t mean I want some fat nasty old
    man lookin at my pictures or reading my text and from another news report
    they can sit outside your house and know everything your doin. Only time
    these nasty people should have rights to anything you do is if you break
    the law.

  9. You have to be a retard to actually use a cellphone or computer to plan or
    comunicate your crimes at this point… so whats its good for ?

  10. The US Constitution is long dead. We just all need to change to a Direct
    Democracy then finally CHARGE and seize the elites for their crimes against
    the People.

  11. Anyone knows that any cop can lie or otherwise create any reason to
    lawfully place anyone under arrest or lawful detainment.. This will
    apparently give law enforcent the justification to invade all your privacy.
    If they can do this…then in time and with more governement asserting its
    right to continue to strangle and constrain everyones freedom…why then
    cant a simple arrest disqualify you from constitutional protections? If the
    SCOTUS rules in favor of this law, then why wont any lawful arrest be all
    that is needed to disqualify anyone from civil protections?

    Anyone that once upon a time were in favor of ‘big government’…here ya
    go..lose the idealism. Big goverment tends to make once-citizens
    now-subjects and the govenrment making the rules, holding the cards and if
    they are otherwise challenged, they are the only ones with a big stick to
    otherwise make you fear, conform and obey.

    Big Government does not breed liberalism, it runs straight towards
    oppressive tyrannical totalitarianism. I hope you like the house cos your
    gonna have to pay for it. Call it freedom all you want, there are a
    mountain of laws, ever increasing laws that limit your freedom not giving
    you more…and each and every one with a price or penalty that must be paid
    if you fail to obey.

    Well..nobody said that utopia was paradise right…
    ‘Murica! FUCK YEA!

  12. no worries the pigs will get theirs eventually militia groups keep lists of
    all police officers cia nsa high ranking government employees stored on
    paper hidden and not in a home or on private property. i know for sure
    that the excuse “i was just doing my job cry cry sob sob wont work. there
    are lists!

  13. I know of a woman (an INNOCENT woman) who they’re in the midst of FALSELY
    PROSECUTING, whose cellphone was STOLEN BY A F’n PIG (she of course DOESN’T
    have anything incriminating on it, BUT, she DOES have personal contacts on

  14. Мы все это знаем, нам Сноуден по секрету рассказал!

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