Doctor Secretly Filmed Over 1000 People Using the Toilet ft. David So

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  1. 114cm is 3’9″, so 55lbs is a lot for that height. But yeah, let’s get of
    the indicator and totally ignore the actual problem. BMI is used as a first
    mean of detecting weighed problem, and is usually followed up by further
    investigations. Unless you’re a bad parent that gets offended, goes in
    denial and ignores the problem at hand like the lady in the article.

  2. I’m always paranoid and look around when I go to the bathroom but I’m
    honestly not sure what the plan is once I actually find someone/something

  3. Y’all are dumb AF. That size for a 4 year old is obese. Seriously. I have
    never seen a 4 year old that big. Shame on the mother.

  4. when the black woman said theyre giving everyone false impressions, perhaps
    she meant everyone that is being labeled in the same way as her son, not
    that everyone knows her son is labeled as that. lol, so dont be to quick to
    make fun of her jkfilms :p

  5. Yeah, the BMI measurements are not accurate at all. Even the guy who
    invented the BMI, Adolphe Quetlet, said that the BMI scale should not be
    used as an official measurement. Doctors are now starting to use another
    form of measurement that is much more accurate, but I forget what it’s

  6. The body mass index is such an outdated scale and I have no idea why it’s
    still used. Like the only things it takes into account are hight and weight
    and age. There are so many more factors that need to be included for it to
    be accurate like fat content or muscle mass. This outdated scale is a big
    reason why people can’t get Heath insurance because the are put into the
    wrong category and won’t be covered because of it.

  7. Sometimes I have my pen/camera recording from my chest pocket. It’s like a
    dashcam. You never know when it might save your ass.

    Also, BMI can suck a dick. Without careful consideration and medical
    records, strong/naturally slim people are told they have a weigh issue. I
    was clinically obese when I was fat (40in waist) AND when I burned my
    fat/lifted weights (36in waist).

  8. I remember when I was 4-5 years old, I weighed around 60-70 pounds. and I
    was quite tall for my age, i was already 4’6 when I was in kindergarten.

  9. Can sun1 send them the news that TPB (The Pirate Bay) has been shut down by
    the swedish govt. So sad for my fellow torrnters. 

  10. I tend to forget sometimes that the BMI doesn’t take into account muscle,
    water weight, and fat. So sometimes when I calculate my BMI I get a little
    upset that it tells me I’m overweight.

  11. BMI wasn’t created to indicate weight. I still don’t understand why doctors
    use it, if you look it up is has nothing to do with being over or

  12. The BMI should not be used as a way to measure a individuals health. It’s
    archaic and derived 200 years ago. We should get rid of the BMI. 

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