Dispute with China & corruption: President Benigno Aquino interview – BBC News

Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Amid tensions in the South China sea, Benigno Aquino reveals what was said during a meeting with the Chinese president last week and he also…


  1. Everybody in Asia knows that Filipinos are sworn to the United States of
    Murica. These meetings are for appearances only. When it’s all said and
    done, we don’t have a rat’s ass to give to these brown monkeys. 

  2. not me. i got my hands full with my”baja cali libre” movement. we cannot
    decide which way to go. out on our own or to go with the u.s. of a. and
    become the 51st. state. aquino? i remember when marcos did his father in.
    then corazon took over. same corruption….

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