Dino Strip Tease on BLOOPERS

We can’t help that these hands have a mind of their own. Buy some awesomeness for yourself! http://www.forhumanpeoples.com/collections/sourcefed More stories…


  1. One of the founding members of Sourcefed Elliot can’t leave. his part of
    the triumvirate compose of himself,Lee & Joe follow by Trisha,Steve & Meg
    with new members Ross,Will & Reina. good luck to you, Elliot & Meg on all
    your future endeavors. Sourcefed will not be the same but it will en dour.

  2. Sourcefed should do a story on Elliot and Meg leaving. At least that had
    more impact on my life than a teacher who taught the wrong class and a
    failed clone dinosaur.

  3. Elliott!! Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder! how can you not hear that? lol, I hear
    you Lee and Joe, I hear you.

  4. Is it me or did elliot look like “boy george” in this video. Espeshally in
    his black and blue clothes combo?.

  5. Where’d Nord, Norg? The guy who facked with their scripts go? WHERE ARE YOU

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