Democratic senator’s husband caught on tape stealing GOP ads

Delaware authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of Democratic state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long after video emerged of the man stealing Republican campaign signs alongside a public.


  1. sure…definitely a rotten thing to be doing. however, if these signs are
    just next to the roadside and not on private property, then they’re nothing
    more than litter. if someone can put them up then someone can take them

  2. Hear how gay he sounds? Wow! What is it with all these gay guys in politics
    who need beards? At least he’ll enjoy his stay in jail…oh, wait, white
    people just pay a fine and play golf with the judge. Case closed.

  3. You can’t put political signs on PUBLIC property and demand that they stay.
    Sorry. Private property with the owner’s consent, of course.

  4. I liked Ben Swann better as an independent Journalist covering what he that he’s signed you truly never know if he did or not..sell out

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