Defying GOP, Former Bush Official Recognizes Climate Change

“Tom Ridge, the first person to serve as Homeland Security secretary, said Wednesday that climate change is a “real serious problem” for the economy and national security. “At the end of the…


  1. It pisses me off when people keep saying 97%. It hasn’t been 97% for years
    and years. Currently 99.989% of climate scientists have concluded that
    global climate change is primarily man-made.

    I have sources for this if people want them.

    Edit: Oh and it was 97% in 1991. That’s how old that number is.

  2. Here’s an a perfect example of atheists actually knowing fuck all about
    science – “even if all of them are wrong, which they’re probably not
    because they’re based in science which is based in fact”. This is the most
    primitive and childish view of science. There are no facts in science,
    instead you have “laws” and you have practical certainties. The next step
    below is a theory, which is not a certainty. And theories are always
    changing, and they admit to more or less evidence. And sometimes a ‘theory’
    really has an ongoing debate behind it, like for example the theory that
    milk is good for you. It’s not really so simple, the reality is
    significantly more complicated, and you need an expert to speak about the
    nuances of the developments in the field. And lastly, science as a method
    of inquiry is based on philosophical assumptions that cannot be proven
    using the scientific method, which means your beloved science is on a
    shakier foundation than you realize

  3. Is man-made climate change really happening? TokenLibertarianGirl isn’t a
    scientist, but she does know one thing, government regulation is NOT the
    answer. And so long as she sticks to this principal, that’s all that

  4. i dislike that people dont realize that even though we accelerate it
    climate change is something that has happened multiple time throughout
    history so its not like without human acceleration it wouldnt happen…its
    called NATURE

  5. 97% is not 100% so why do you guys keep saying it. It’s just that we have
    a hard time understanding how you can ignore the SUN! Tell your wife that
    you are 97% sure you are in love with her.. and tell me how that goes.

  6. Dude you are full of shit idk what his name is he has glasses. They
    disagree with the degree of climate change that is going to happen so stfu
    about nobody disagreeing with the climate changing. You know 1 is a lot
    smaller than 100 if you get what I mean so this is a little bit more
    complicated than climate is changing spend billions of dollars and tax
    payer money to help it. I hate how people cynically state sentences in
    order to confuse people and push agenda. You know what lets say also “which
    I HIGHLY doubt” that everyone agrees with how much it is going to change
    also I can tell you damn sure that how to solve the issue is absolutely not
    agreed on and for very good reasons I hate when people act like money just
    comes out of thin air then again I bet the government will print away like
    no tomorrow devaluing the dollar and screwing everyone over that saves
    their money up. Maybe everyone doesn’t want the government to tax the shit
    out of us and want a fair amount of money contributed to this issue and
    want to have a thought out plan for climate change instead of just throwing
    money at something really fast because doing that has very high
    consequences that could of been avoided with better planning and patience.
    Even though it may end up turning out OK cough Obama care cough it is
    always better to take the time and insure their is not a big fucking waste
    of money! 

  7. Since 1998 more than 31,000 American Scientists from diversed
    climate-related disciplines , including more than 9,000 PHD’s have signed a
    public petition announcing their belief that….. There is no convincing
    scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other
    greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause
    catastrophic heating of the earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the
    earth’s climate. Included are atmospherics physicist, botanist, geologists,
    oceanographers, and meteorologist. …

  8. Great! Global warming will continue to niggerize us and threaten our way
    of life. We must ban coal and natural gas. We must use electric cars and
    nuclear, solar and wind power.

  9. The thing is when you manufacture your own reality nothing breaks the
    bubble, Florida could flood along its coast tomorrow and the idiots in red
    states will say its ol mother nature nothing to see here and dont ask us
    for money to help, but if a tornado hits OK pleas give

  10. what a fucking idiot. the debate is over? are you kidding me? here’s a
    question. how much are humans contributing to climate change? is it too
    late for us to stop it? is it even worth talking about if we can’t force
    china and India cut co2?

  11. Since when do you have to know anything in order to discuss it? Journalists
    and comedians have been doing it for ages. Now with the internet, all of us
    can express our stupidity with proud abandon. 

  12. The Earth has either been in a warming cycle or a cooling cycle sine the
    this world began forming, and the cycles are determined by the sun and it’s
    effect upon the oceans. This debate is about the control of all
    people,business and land using the premise of saving the earth. It is fear
    tactic’s for control and domination, it will lead to the slavery of the
    mass’s. Don’t buy into it or your children will be slaves.

  13. At some point the tide is going to turn on the mega corporations who
    profiteer from destroying the climate – and it will be because of other
    mega corporations who suffer profit loss from climate change…

  14. Stop mentioning Climate change, mention pollution. People understand the
    effects of pollution. 1/8 deaths world-wide are now from pollution. Stop
    polluting and that will take care of a lot of the causes climate change.
    Everybody wants clean water & clean air.

  15. I love Jimmy Dore. He’s completely right. The debate happened. It’s over.
    Climate Change is just as real as heart attacks, brain tumours and
    bacterial infections and if you keep arguing about it’s already well
    supported existence, nothing will be done to solve the problem.

  16. Climate change isn’t man made so that’s wrong! it’s been around since
    before the Dinosaurs even existed!

  17. the gop controlled house in the united states just passed a bill barring
    the pentagon from spending any money studying the security risks climate
    change poses. Congratulations, America. Your outright rejection of science
    and reason is now complete. Keep pumping more plutocrat $$ into your
    election cycles. No problem there at all.

  18. Burning fossil fuels makes smoke. Smoke goes in air.
    Exhaust comes out of cars. Exhaust goes in air.

    At what point does the smoke and exhaust NOT do any kind of damage to the
    planet or our own health?

  19. There is a whole industry based on science denial, started off with the
    uranium paint industry, then came religion tobacco, asbestos, lead paint,
    CFCs, medical quackery like homeopathy and chiropractic, all of which want
    to debase the credibility of scientists long term, because the science
    conflicts with their power and wealth. 

  20. It sounds like the government/military is getting ready for trouble, while
    keeping us little folk in the dark.

  21. While I’m absolutely on board with Jimmy’s frustration towards people who
    deny climate science based on nothing, I can’t get on board with his
    suggestion that only climate scientists can debate the issue–or, if we
    continue it, that you can’t have a debate on anything unless you are an
    expert. As an example–Jimmy Dore is not a political scientist or an
    economist, but I would never suggest he is unworthy of talking about these
    things on TYT.

    Let me explain. Critical thinkers will imbibe as many sources as possible
    and, with them in mind, form their own opinions about an issue. Simply: Do
    your homework.
    The GOP for issues like climate change and evolution have clearly not done
    their homework, and therefore can be discounted as ignorant idealogues. We
    don’t discount them, though, simply because they aren’t climate scientists.

  22. Why are certain groups so opposed to addressing this issue. Let’s just say
    the scientists’ predictions are exaggerated. Would it kill us to explore
    and use more sustainable and environment conscious methods to producing
    energy? I like that there are alternatives. Everytime I am in a car with
    a conservative leaning friend, they always hate on some driver who is in a
    Prius. I am like, really? Why do you care that they prefer not going to
    the gas station every three days?

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