Debate Over Abortion Ban Rages On In Ireland

Subscribe to VICE News here: Ireland is the only country in Europe where abortions are illegal — unless the pregnancy poses a risk to the mother’s…


  1. You`re wrong Vice, in Poland “aborting” people is also illegal and i`m glad
    it is this way, against presure from left extremists and with support of
    vast majority of citizens.

  2. What the fuck Abortion is fucking murder. Why is it when a pregnant woman
    is killed, it’s considered a double homicide? The Church doesn’t degrade
    woman and the government isn’t taking away your right, its not a right and
    shouldn’t even be called a right. The “right” to murder an innocent unborn
    child, yeah sure go ahead. It’s not the unborn baby’s fault you were raped,
    so why kill the baby, just because you got raped and pregnant. Don’t take
    your frustration out on the baby, and if you can’t take care of a baby, put
    it up for adoption. I hate these bitches that are like “abortion is our
    right to do what we want with our bodies” no it’s not, you have no right to
    kill your own unborn kid? This reporter is so biased. Shows the pro-choice
    side for like 8 min and shows the pro-life side for like 2. She probably
    only showed the pro-life side this time because of the criticism she got
    from the last video about her bias. God I hate the liberal media

  3. People who are against abortion should answer this simple question.

    Would you rather see a child grow up, unwanted, knowing it was an accident,
    more than likely growing up poverty and raised by an unstable family. Or be
    aborted to save this child to be a life of misery or being in a family that
    never wanted it.

    I would rather have an abortion open as an option. 

  4. It blows my mind that people think think they have a right to control what
    someone does with their own body. It’s their choice what they can or can’t
    do with their body. No one has the right to make those decisions for them.

  5. It isn’t just a religious thing. It is a moral thing. Abortion is by
    definition *murder* regardless of your little ‘reason’.

  6. You’d think that the Irish would have a really heavy accent, and be a
    little unintelligible, but its clear as day. Maybe that’s because I’ve only
    seen are people from urban areas, and not rural?

  7. 3:24 – “They refuse to see women as human beings” – No, it’s the person who
    advocates abortion that doesn’t recognise human life. What’s really going
    on here is that they think the choice of a woman to end a human life
    supersedes the life of a human being. The sheer disregard for even the
    possibility of human life is morally wrong – And it’s all due to the root
    belief that the choice of a woman champions even the life of the unborn.
    They truly don’t care if they’re ending a human life – That’s why they
    never entertain the possibility of it – What they really care about is a
    self-centered view that we should be able to choose even the most repugnant
    of crimes against innocent lives that can’t speak out for themselves.

  8. I’ve come to the conclusion the Conservative argument is clearer, sharper,
    it’s shorter. Because it’s demagogic & it’s playing to people’s fears.
    There is no deep thought in their solutions or opinions. Ebola travel
    ban(seal the border, end the threat), Capital Punishment(murderers deserve
    to die), Immigration(build a 10 ft border fence), Terrorism(bomb the
    Arabs), Guns(guns don’t kill people) or Abortion(destroying a fetus is
    murder)… They’ve mastered the 10 word answer.

  9. Good! I love the fact that the Irish don’t want to abort their future
    population. Fight back against the cultural Marxist left who seek to
    destroy western civilisation.

  10. a woman gets raped…. has an abortion……….. and then the rest of the
    woman who weren’t raped, and willingly went out and had sex and got
    pregnant, now want to justify themselves for the murder they have done,
    whatever happened to repenting and bringing it to Jesus sincerely and him
    just forgiving you? and then you working to not do it again, no instead
    people want to legalize abortion because they can’t keep there legs closed,
    Murder straight up.

  11. We had this fucked up shit for a while in the north, fucking religious
    zealots on both sides fucking attacking a clinic and it’s staff and
    patients for abortion.
    It’s the woman’s right at the end of the day. 

  12. Ireland has always been a very religious country… I’m guessing this is
    why abortion is such a controversial topic in Ireland, but need I remind
    anyone of some of the other horrible things the Catholic church stood for
    in Ireland? Well, for those who’ve never heard, they basically ran private
    prisons where women would get locked up for their WHOLE LIFE and forced to
    endure slave labor for “crimes” such as prostitution, giving birth to a
    child without being married, or even for being a victim of rape.
    You’d think that things like this couldn’t possibly happen in today’s
    world, especially in a country such as Ireland, but these institutes were
    still operational up until the late 90’s!
    If anyone here doesn’t believe me, and would like to read a little more
    about this, Google “Magdalene laundries in Ireland”.

  13. Serious question: are there any instances in public discourse when
    referring to “conservative values” isn’t retarded as fuck?

  14. You people have no heart. WHAT ABOUTSF NOJGH THE BABY>?????? ITS
    MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about the person who got raped? What
    kind of life will the kid have?

  15. It’s hilarious how most if not all of these so-called “pro-life” people
    give 0 fucks about those cells once they become a newborn and eventually
    grow up, people they don’t like or don’t know can die, but oh no don’t
    touch them when they’re still a bunch of cells that’s going too far lol
    fuccin clowns

  16. Here’s a great idea, how about all of the people that want Pro-Choice stop
    being whores and making stupid decisions? Crisis averted. 

  17. If abortion is legal doesn’t that mean i can kill my kids and it will be
    the same as an abortion? Why is it that in the US if you kill a pregnant
    woman then you would get double homicide, but you can kill the baby in an

  18. Why does Abortion exist anyways its not necessary, its like Murder and
    apparently society accepts anything *facepalm* 

  19. Trolls roam these pages but so do those that want to make a valid point.
    Death or no, legal or no, abortion is killing. Whether it is good or not is
    up to you.

  20. I know I’m going to get hated for this but isn’t it technically the woman’s
    fault for being raped I’m thinking that way maybe the women or girl was
    wearing something revealing or giving signs that they want sex or something
    like that I know I sounds stupid to some people and by all means try to
    correct me but right now that’s what I think about women being raped and if
    they want to get rid of a child that could have changed the world then you
    are no better then the rapist

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