Deadly Twin-Explosions Hit Buses In Kenya! At Least 3 Dead and 62 Wounded!

More info at link:


  1. hahaha, kenyatta asked for this, this will continue till those bastards in
    nairobi stop targeting you know!!!!!!

  2. please please kill them all ! they keep hopping the fence into Spain…
    there so call government is selling the country from right under neath them
    there fault. We have enough shit head people… I’m with the oil cartel on
    this one! keep up the good job! bombs away…

  3. I love your channel I don’t even watch my local news anymore your perfect
    and way more detailed thx daboo77
    P.s from canada alberta.

  4. the pples are coward and they don’t fight back ,all theses al ciada groups
    are bastards from others countries ,pples of every villages could easilly
    destroy them if only they unite to fight ,but they don’t and they let them
    do slaughter them .

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