David Duke running for US senate seat



  1. ……………………..not much of a choice for president this time …….so focus more on the senate ,representatives races……judges seats……………and your local races ……..let our black empowerment be felt in those elections ………….so lets vote state and local

  2. Hillary is the lesser of two evils. She's a woman, so I would hope she has somewhat of a half-conscious. Trump, on the other hand, would have no issues raking non-whites & non-conformists over the coals. To not vote, is a vote towards Trump.

  3. This is all ENTIRELY BY DESIGN. Already planned and written into the narrative to be implemented on the world stage to compound the palpable racial tension for maximum contention in the divide and rule MO.

  4. Whites thinking they are oppressed. Buddy I don't care and I am not black but I stated a fact you whites especially British and Americans are oppressing my people in Iraq get off your high horse

  5. It's me again, Get em Cyn, attention to all my bro & sistas in Louisiana. Don't let this happen. Fuck this chief devil!!!! This shit is really starting to b comical. The whole system, ,,,, thank u for this vid ,,, Did not know

  6. About a year ago Duke was one of the first people to come out endorsing Trump.  Trump pretended he didn't know who he was, but he uses many of Duke's talking points.  Duke looks like he has on foot in the grave and I would gladly trip him so he would fall all the way in.  That's one thing about a racist practicing white supremacy, they never give up until the day they die. 

    They're like plagues running around the earth trying to control everyone and everything.   That's why they spend so much money on military weaponry and stockpiling guns.  To be able to control everyone else. 

    You're doing a great job so keep doing what you're doing.

  7. It's a movement started by Donald Trump that Duke is following. Those types of people are becoming more politically involved because of Trump. Duke won the majority of the white vote in Louisiana the last time he ran, that should tell you something about Louisiana whites. How many more will run? In a one person one vote system it's likely their last few chances before THEY are the minority. I'm inclined to think they'd favor a fascist dictatorship over América freedom as long as the Supremacist power structure maintains its stranglehold. 

  8. This guy should not be able to continue to receive public support in 2016, having the past and some would say present title as a member of the kkk! I really want to see what response the Petition from the AdviseShow gets after receiving 100k sigs, to formerly have the kkk classified as a Terrorist organization. There is plenty of hate left in this world, never let anyone tell you otherwise!

  9. I know exactly what you mean in regards to his appearance. I've noticed that, when looking at the faces of these psychotic devils, something is missing. Idk if it's the cold, blue, lifeless looking eyes or what. I just know that the humanity that most melanated people share, seems to be inherently lacking in these "people". We love you Cyn!!! Keep doing what you do✊✊✊

  10. Donald Trump has absolutely made all the overt Racists come out from under their rocks. And to watch them all "exhale" is a scary sight. Even though you so eloquently broke it down, I'm curious to see how many WS Coons will support David Duke. It's a pity to see so much public soul selling from our "peoples".

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