Dad smiles, remembers son as ‘shy little puppy’

Andy Waller, whose son died from enterovirus D68, talks to Anderson Cooper about a foundation started in his son’s honor.


  1. If there was a god he or her should have made a rule that kids couldn’t die
    I can only imagine how it feel to bury your son or daughter the kids should
    bury parent not the other way around, there so much hate and bad stuff in
    the world but there good stuff too and kids shouldn’t have it taken away

  2. i love how his father keeping a strong place in his precious son recent
    death,,,so sad but hopefully having this foundation can help him deal with
    his son lost,,,he do seem alittle detach but maybe he still in
    shock,,,about his son death,,bless him and family 

  3. Andy Waller.You have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your dear little
    boy. And my greatest admiration for what you are doing in his memory. This
    video clip will be in my memory for a long time. It must have been tough to
    keep it together to get your point across. Anderson is a nice guy and very
    genuine, it showed in that interview.

  4. Something is very wrong… FAKE? Seriously, “dad smiles” says it all in the
    title. And, all the smirks in this episode were down right sickening. Plus,
    the dad says “well I appreciate the chance to talk about the foundation”.
    What???? Not thanks for having me on to remember my son who just died
    suddenly 14 days ago in his sleep. About, the foundation website which is
    very weird that you started so suddenly instead of grieving for your lost
    son. “You can go right there and there’s a BIG GREEN donate button.”
    laugh… GMAB. Not everyone is buying the script, Satan worshipers. REPENT,
    Jesus is coming!

  5. how the fuck is that dad so calm ? im so dam sad 🙁 for that family my
    god, that is so so awful.. I’m going in my kids room right now, and giving
    them a big hug and kiss.
    But you know he must be in shock..

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