Cruz Grills DHS’s Jeh Johnson; 6-30-2016

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Senator Ted Cruz questions Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson about the Obama Administration’s purging of references to Islam and Muslims from counterterrorism and intelligence materials.

Johnson dismisses the concern as purely semantic and superficially political, while subsequently stating that such language would lead to some sort of victory for Islamic terrorists such as the Islamic State/ISIS.

The above clip is taken from a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for oversight over Johnson’s department.


  1. This is why the country is a mess. 135 views on here and only 4 comments. Proves that people get their "news" through the National Inquirer or by reading the head lines of MSNBC. That's the extent of their "political knowledge." Yep unless something interferes with weekend barbecues, their pocket book or Monday Night football most people don't give a rip.

  2. The hiring process of this administration is a failed attempt at American patriotism a professionalism! Absolutely embarrassing and pathetic!

  3. All he say's is "I don't know sir", how did he get this high paying job. He sounds like SGT Schultz on Hogan's Heroes, I KNOW NOTHING, NOTHING.

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