Crowd attacks army barracks in Konstantinovka after military vehicle kills 8yo girl

Police have reportedly been allowed to use live rounds as tensions flare in the eastern Ukrainian town of Konstantinovka, where an eight-year-old girl was killed in a hit-and-run accident by…


  1. One more victim. *Wouldn’t have happened if Putin wasn’t trying to destroy
    Ukraine.* Putin would rather see a devastated, ruined Ukraine than a
    westward-leaning one. So sad

  2. Look at them hypocrite Russians!
    Acting all sad, but deep inside their twisted souls they rejoice the death
    of an 8 year old little girl.
    Really disgusting…

  3. This is just so sad to watch. Poor little girl and her family. The WEST is
    going to pay for this big time!

  4. Thank you RT!!!! You are litterely the ONLY news station reporting this
    story..I guarantee you if it was Novrossiyan soldier that ran the girl
    over…every news station in The west would be talking about it.. Keep it
    up reporting the Truth!!!
    Слава Новороссия!

  5. Please comment this message and then you will understand why Google changed
    the way comments go up.

  6. Oh no, I guess we need Our Great Hero, Lord and Savior Putin to help all
    them poor Ukrainians from their very very bad government. I guess Russia
    can send some more unidentified troops to “stabilize” the region and take
    over, you know, for their ‘safety’.

    RT is just as bad as Faux News. I can’t believe the amount of Putin ass
    kissers who pretend to be “awaken” or supposedly “know” what’s going on all
    these RT videos. You assholes just eat up Putin’s narrative, just cause
    you’re butthurt with the USA. Fucken pathetic.

  7. If this had been a separatist vehicle running over a child, and a bunch of
    civilians attacking the separatist forces as a result, the American media
    would be talking about this for weeks and personally blaming Putin for the
    girl’s death. So where is there condemnation of the Ukrainian
    military/government now?

  8. If they open fire they are risking for people to rise up across whole
    South-East. That’s a pretty possible case. Sadly, there are people who are
    interested in that

  9. They forgot to mention that the soldier who was driving the APC was drunk.
    And that he ran over a group of people including two children and a mother,
    whose child died at the scene. 

  10. The Ukrainian military, just like the Israeli IDF who have no regards for
    human life and run over them as if they were dirt.

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