CrossTalk: Global Jihad?

Who is drawing the map of the New Middle East today? Does the crisis need any more outside intervention? And who are the powers that can replace Washington in the region? CrossTalking with…


  1. Lol Scott was right 100%. And he’s no conspiracy theorists. The west want
    Iran to go to war so they can demonize them and win the Middle East over by
    attacking them. Look what’s happening with Ukraine? Demonizing Russia to
    provoke them to invade Ukraine? Demonizing China’s expansion after the
    pivot to Asia? Come on people the US is biting of more then it can chew
    commuting to allies it cannot defend. Face it people our American
    government wants ww3. How more convincing does this have to get? We are
    Demonizing 3 super powers with NATO in our back pocket. Wake the heck up
    already it so obvious.

  2. I love Lavelle’s walk in after his briefing by the Kremlin on propaganda
    RT=Anti west/anti jew/anti islam

  3. Notice RT steps up the propaganda videos as Russian rebels get kicked out
    of slavansk ;D next they will be kicked out of Donetsk ;D and out to Russia
    or dead.

    Russia rats will cry then ;D

  4. The biggest problem are the tensions between all the religions in Iraq. One
    solution would be to give every religion it’s own country so the shiits,
    sunnits and allawits would have their own territory. Another problem is
    that Kurds still don’t have their own country. Why is that so? According to
    wikipedia this nation counts 30 million people. That’s not some minority.
    Kurds should get their own country. Turkey, Syria and Iraq shall find a
    solution once and for all.

  5. here i was thinking the arab ‘spring’ was like a spring upwards or an
    uprising… now i see it is referencing the season.

  6. Iraq is a resounding success–if you’re implementing the Yinon Plan and
    PNAC’s wet Zionist dream.

  7. 1776 is the year the Jesuits started the illuminiti…

    The new NY tower is 1776′ tall… It’s a satanic temple…
    The rebuilt tower of Babel of Nimrod…

    Welcome to Babylon NYC…

    Obama is King of Babylon… Wake up people…

  8. Those who are still scared of or enthusiastic about the US Empire as global
    multiplayer on the proxy chessboard haven’t yet understood the true
    implications of the rapidly growing continental drift between the unipolar
    West and the multipolar South. Nobody will ever again bail out the US as it
    was the case in the 2008 crisis. Instead, it gets bought for low. Game

  9. Everything what Scott Rickard said about the West funding and fueling
    conflicts in the Middle East is true. And it is not a conspiracy theory,
    but a fact. It even goes beyond that. Israel and all its zionist assets
    want to create chaos in the Middle East, so that Israel can jump in and
    take over the entire region when the moment is right. This is part of the
    big scheme when America is being economically collapsed and Israel becomes
    the third and next ruling state in the world. For more information on this
    subject watch and listen to the lectures of Sheik Imran Hosein. Again, it
    is not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact and a zionist game being
    playout against Islam and against the religious Arab world!

  10. To the usual idiot out of Washington: You have an illegal President who is
    not born in the USA and who is a gay muslim! Who’s side does a genius like
    yourself think Obama is on? Is he on the side of the traditional family and
    the Christians? Or does he side with the gays and the muslims! Take the
    best guess your fake education has provided you! Come on genius, you can do

  11. How come all these weapons, money, and fighters keep ‘slipping’ into Syria
    and Iraq when a bag of cement can’t make it’s way into Gaza from any of the
    same countries?
    It seem these so-called Arab democracies can prevent basic supplies
    reaching Gaza, but can’t stop offensive material from making it’s way into
    neighboring war zones where innocent people are being killed.

  12. Gawdat Bahgat’s statement that the United States dosen’t dictate to
    countries in the middle east !… say what ha,ha,ha .

  13. The people here in the U.S.A are not the same as the government here in the
    U.S. We are nothing but capita , we think we have a say , we don’t we are
    told who why where and when . Our government is tring to put us all in
    changes . Don’t be mad at the people be mad at our government. God knows I

  14. To end all this bullshit wars , looting, Killings , the solution is most
    country’s should get together and Fuck these Jews up by heavy sanctions ,
    boycott you name it , this NWO is for these Jew scums , these Jews hate all
    religions , Christians , Muslims you name it, they are pure Toxic to the
    globe and they are most Racist sub humans on this planet and they need to
    be stopped….Fuck Israel and their Jewish banking system and fuck Zionism
    + their Talmud teachings.

  15. All USA Is Tryna Do Is Make Multiple Countries Fight Their Own Brothers and
    When They Killed Enough Of Their Own Brothers Then USA Will Step In And
    Make It Appear That They Are The Heroes
    Remember America You FUCKED UP The Middle East And Gave Birth To A Demon

  16. Everyone says there is this “race” problem. Everyone says this “race”
    problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country
    and ONLY into white countries.
    Everyone says the final solution to this “race” problem is for EVERY white
    country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate” with all those non-whites.
    It’s Genocide.
    They say they are “anti-racist”. What they are is anti-white.
    “Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-white.

  17. Council on Foreign Relations CFR? they are the ones exporting Terrorism to
    support the U.S. program to support and enforce the U.S. Petro-Reserve
    Dollar currency, which is all but dead. Clinton, Obama, Bush, Cheney, they
    are were all on the CFR? THEIR opinion is all lies and concocted to
    support their USD enforcement.

  18. The united states isn’t just some country when it comes to facilitating and
    perpetrating wars… They’re war-masters…

  19. causing disorder and have people wage war against each other is not a
    stretch. this is happening every where as example work places where co
    worker fight because some one made them to fight so then how can it be
    steatch of mind in natinol matters such as muslim sect waging war on
    othere muslim sect not disagrements but also military style fighting.

  20. Scott, you stupid pile of horseshit. The Sunni have been attacking the
    Shiite in Karbala for 1300 years.

  21. theres only one thing worst then this show… the majority of the people
    who comment below!!!

  22. All I can say at the moment is: Leave the Arabs alone, let them solve their
    problems on their own and don’t interfere in foreign affairs. America
    (CIA,Blackwater), Britain (MI6) and Israel (Mossad) should all back off and
    go home! Mind your own business.

  23. We are now up to 111 that’s the number of countries the U S has a permanent
    base located in . In every self perpetuated conflict they take part in, the
    country on the recieving end is going to have a U S permanent presents
    weather they like it or not .

  24. Propaganda. Scott Rickard is such an RT bitch. I laugh every time he shows
    up. He’s such a predictable conspiracy retard.

  25. Everyone in the so called news talking about the groups that been created
    and what they have done or cause…but not one single news outlet focus on
    the creator of those criminals and who support those savages…who ever
    support or supply those terrorist they are the snake that their head needs
    to be cut off…how can someone live with themselves or even sleep at night
    knowing that everything they own or buy(luxury life style) it came from
    someones blood?

  26. The only one that is making any sense is Scott Rickard…….The Arab guy is
    just an Arab……I say no more.

  27. “Established in 2000, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic
    Studies is a U.S. Department of Defense institution for building
    relationships and understanding in the NESA region” (Wikipedia). So Gawdat
    Bahgat works for the Pentagon. There’s some unbiased analysis for you.

  28. Ameripigs are soo but hurt that they need to employ trolls to spread
    disinformation and to try discredit RT’s truth. Fail America, your empire
    will die

  29. Bahget is a clown. The second he used the term “Conspiracy Theorist” he
    gave himself away as a disinfo asset. He has no interest in the truth. He
    is trying to cloud the issue. It is very clear this is all a US caused
    screw up. 

  30. RT is funny on this one inviting a CFR Member and a bought and paid for U$
    Arab…Well actually program is called Cross Talk so it’s legit in a
    way…But please RT don’t push it too much though… ha ha ha

  31. there is nothing complicated about this,,USA is a fucking child at playing
    good chess game ,all of this shit is attributed to them plain and
    simple,only reason why its ridiculous looking is because they just don’t
    care enough to cover it up better in there desperation 

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