Crazy Feminist Lecture – Responses From Idiots – Cleveland Police Shooting – DPP #57

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  1. If you can’t take down a twelve year old boy with your bare hands then
    you’re too fuckin’ pathetic to be on the police force in the first place. 

  2. I had a dream I was fucked in the ass by a man, and I’m a heterosexual male
    with little interest in other men. Does the fact that I once fantasized
    subconsciously about having sex with another man make me gay, Mr Thought
    Cop? No, it doesn’t. Since I’ll never act on homoerotic fantasies even if
    there are homosexual tendencies inside me when it comes to fantasy Fuck
    that guy.

  3. You guys really got to stop doing the question segment on your show. Its
    just fat, ugly faggots asking the stupidest and most boring questions.

  4. Just a head’s up TJ and Scotty. The thing above the gun in the box is the
    clip for the BB pellets which slides into the handle. Apparently it was
    pulled and presented to be aimed at the police. The orange indicator on it
    was also gone. A cop in the situation seeing a BB Gun orange indicator
    wouldn’t shoot at that point, though the indicator was hidden.

  5. This is probably a dumb question, but would anyone in the comments know how
    I could send the Drunken Peasants some ‘shops I made of that one angry-ass
    New Yorker?

  6. My ears are gauged to 00 and I don’t worship Satan. I dress in video game
    or super hero T-shirts in different color shades with blue genes and high
    tops not all black and “goth” stuff. I there are also things in Anton
    Lavey’s philosophy I do not agree with. That guy was a dumb cunt.

  7. That broad who was bitching about men @ 47:09 is an intolerable cunt. It
    makes me sick that innocent little kids are painfully dying of cancer, yet
    this fucking bitch gets to live comfortably. That right there is all the
    proof that you need to show that there is no god. It’s also irrefutable
    evidence that a mass extermination of feminists is essential to the
    advancement of society. 

  8. Holy shit, That analogy guy… how? HOW do these people never fucking learn
    to stop using bullshit arguments that have been shot down time after time
    after time? It’s fucking mind boggling! “Atheists think life has no
    purpose!” Seriously? Fucking idiots.

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