Couple Was Arrested After Finding Their Baby Dead After Leaving Daughter In Room Alone For 16 hours



  1. Dumb fuck with sperm + dumb fuck with egg = dead kid in many cases. There
    really needs to be some sort of requirement to have kids. This is another
    useless tragedy that could be easily avoided.

  2. You know in this day and age it is already a telltale sign if young people
    are having sex without the protection that greatly reduces the chances of
    pregnancy. Seriously, why have children when you are too young to make
    basically prudent decisions that can help avoid a host of problems later on?

    I wish there were a way to have a time-release birth control for everyone
    until such time as they can handle kids. Nothing permanent, mind you. Just
    a pill or something that could buy some time for people to get a clue.

    What I find really horrific is the fact that they must have ignored some
    desperate baby cries. Even the cries of a baby with respiratory problems,
    can be heard if you are paying attention. I know the sound and pitch of
    these cries now that I am a father. I can even hear them in other children
    from a distance when they happen.

    Unbelievable… What a waste and what a way to leave this life. I’d never
    be able to forgive myself.

  3. They should both be charged with murder. It looks like the live in a nice
    neighborhood and they can’t spend a couple dollars for a baby sitter??

  4. great too no you check on your daughter when she quite for a while too make
    sure no guy is going balls deep because I have climbed threw windows myself
    as a 16 yr old fucking while parents were unaware

  5. Wow are you kidding me?! This baby had a whole life ahead of her and could
    have discovered the cure for cancer or something. I am outraged that people
    like this have children man.

  6. Hate the video! But loved and agreed with everything you said.i love my
    dog’s more than some people love there kids pretty sad

  7. That is just very sad and irresponsible for those parents to just not check
    on the baby or take to get medical care. :(

  8. Personally that would scare the hell out of me. A baby struggling to breath
    I would not be able to ignore that.

  9. Phillip, if I was a district attorney I would need to wait for a report
    from a medical examiner. While these parents actions appear neglectful,
    this child could have had a genetic condition that caused the death, SIDS,
    ETC. the child also could have passed very shortly after being placed to
    bed. Young parents could conceivably be so exhausted that they would leave
    their child for longer periods of rest. Parents can accidently oversleep
    til noon. And while it makes them terrible parents, it may not necessarily
    make them criminals. The child may have had a cold 4 weeks ago, and had all
    symptoms subside without seeking medical care.

    My guess is that these two will plea out and receive 5 years probation if
    the case is pursued. Thanks for reading!

  10. So sad…. These two look young.
    Babies having babies.
    You need a license to catch a fish, a license to drive a car, but any idiot
    can have a baby.

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